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Rolla Mag : Issue 6 (almost out)

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

rolla mag

Issue #6

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the little rolling battler hit the shelves. We’ve been busy making what we think is the best issue yet. The best photos, longest articles and something new for us…

… an A3, fold-out poster of Australian Street Skating Champion, Rian Arnold!

But it’s not your average poster, in fact, it’s not even a photograph in the strictest sense
of the word. But to see what we mean, you’ll just have to head into your local skate shop and pick up a copy.

Inside there’s an article on Newcastle lifestyle and skating, a report from Europe by photographer and rollerblading aficionado, Dale Travers (featuring a page long interview with Oli Short), Chris Pullar lets you in on what went down in New Zealand for X-Air 2007 and we speak to vert skating icon, Marc Englehart.

Of course there’s plenty more to see and read as well. And how about a round of applause for Canberra ripper, Reuben Greer for joining the hallowed ranks of Rolla cover rollers.

A5, full colour 40 pages
Plus a full colour, A3, Fold-out Poster

$5 in Australia

Rolla Mag : issue 4

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006

Rolla Mag : issue 4

Australia’s one and only rolling magazine “Rolla” has come thru with the goods again, bringing us another quality issue. This magazine just keeps getting better and better! This issue is No4 and is a photo issue and feature many fine quality photos of Australia’s finest, guaranteed to inspire the rolling soul to get out on your boots and bust a move. This issue actually comes with a real photo!

In this issue you’ll learn how to shoot photos with Rolla’s very own resident photographer Mr. Hayden Golder. Find out how the 06 Aussie Titles went down. There are also the canthrax ACT titles, shepparton skate battle II and the Troubled Teens Rolla bash hosted by the “Rolla” magazine, “This DVD Sux” and Patrick Lennen 4×4 wheel review.

There’s little amount of text content in this issue but all the important and exciting info is there… after all it is a Photo Issue! And photo issue it certainly is. Keep em coming guys, great job by the “rolla” boys… AGAIN!!!

For more info on Rolla and where to buy check


Rolla Mag Issue #3

Monday, March 13th, 2006

Rolla Mag

Not long now! Issue #3 is on its way, and we’ve managed something really special this time round. Not only do we profile one of Australia’s biggest names, Shane Yost, (wah?!?! vert in a rolling mag?) but we also highlight the Bayside Blades/Monster Tour, feature artist Andrew Tunney and the 2005 Vic Titles. We’ve also added a section with Hayden Watt called “Improv” and we take a look at the new Daklinic shop in Adelaide.

But wait… There’s still more!!! In conjunction with Farrall media.. yes, you guessed it, we’ve managed to slip in a free DVD!!! The Farrall bros. have been working non-stop to bring you a dvd edit of the tour we had up to Sydney, but there’s also loads of extras including a B-roll section, a feature on Shane Yost and a day in the life of Gavin Drumm.

Can you even believe it’s still just $4!?!? So head into your nearest good skate shop and pick yourself up a copy!

Details: A5, full colour 28 pages & a free Farrall Media dvd

Rolla Mag – Print Mag now online !

Saturday, December 31st, 2005

rollerblading mag

Rolla Mag is a rollerblading magazine from Australia. The third issue of this print mag is going to be released.

And the good news is that you can read the first issue of Rolla Mag online now !

The writing and interviews are top quality and the photo’s (you can also see them on the net) are of the BEST QUALITY!
The photographer is Hayden Golder and he is sick.

thanks owen_serf !

Rolla Mag, Issue 2

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

australian roller mag

New issue for this australian rolling mag !

Issue #2
Woohoo.. issue #2 will be out at the end of this month! Hayden Golder travelled up to Sydney last month to profile C-Town Killa and Asian X-Games gold medallist, Rian Arnold. There are spots on Tom Bartley, the Farrall brothers, the Off the Gauge Tour, Canberra and a plethora of real street competition and skatemeet highlights from all over the country. You’ll also find something to read on the recent Hockey Nationals and speed events.

Not wanting to just settle with any successes we had with issue #1, we’ve gone all out for this one. There are plenty of new pics, heaps more content and bigger and better give-aways from Razors skates, Kizer frames, Skramp, Parallel and Fynk Clothing. (Aussie residents only).

The best thing is, it’s still just $4 and you will be able to find it at all good skate shops around this big brown land of ours.

Details: A5, full colour 36 pages

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