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Video Experiment: Gopro Cam on a Stick

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Rodrigo Lagoa

quoting Rodrigo Lagoa:

I remember watching a few Gopro self shot edits here in RN and as a filmaker i aways tought that the cameras was too close to the body so u couldnt get the hole trick.

I got this idea from a few downhill speed videos, they use to put the camera in a little rig and hold it in hands with the camera facing the skater.

The hd feature of Gopro camera let you use the hole sensor at a resolution of 1280×960. That with the wide angle and a little distance should be enough for me to film my own skating and show the hole body and trick style.

I’m not the best skater in the world, and besides that im 32. Try putting that together with a 50cm stick with a camera on the end shaking like a bitch. What u see here is a 20 min skating for fun and testing.


Slow Motion Skating Clips (1265 frames per second)

Friday, January 28th, 2011

slow motion skating

Rodrigo Lagoa is currently working for Dvpro in Brazil and had the chance to film some clips with the Phantom Miro eX4 Camera.

This industrial camera films at 1265 frames per second for a resolution of 800 x 600 (and support up to 110.000 fps but the resolution is greatly lowered then).

More infos about the Phantom Miro eX4 Camera

Lightweight, portable, rugged. The Phantom Miro eX4 has everything you need in a digital high-speed imaging system.

Whether you are researching the flight of a bumble bee, troubleshooting the fill/seal step of your packaging process, analyzing a golf swing, or drop-testing mobile appliances, there is a Phantom Miro camera that can help you explore your world.

Point and shoot, review and edit: all from the built-in LCD touch screen which also provides immediate feedback on the results of your test or experiment. You can play and rewind the slow-motion movie in normal or fast mode or step through your movie one frame at a time.

Trimming the movie is as easy as setting in-points and out-points prior to saving. With the new Miro eX4, you can also control multi-cine setups and even program our new Image-Based Auto-Trigger feature with the LCD interface.

More Infos on
You can contact Rodrigo Lagoa at

Mundo Urbano: Milkie Equatour 2010 (Teaser)

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2010

mundo urbano

Mundo Urbano, made by veteran skater Rodrigo Lagoa, is a broadcast featured on ESPN & Mtv Brazil.

The Show is availiable there in all airports Indoor TVS, ALE gas stations and more than 87 restaurants in Belo Horizonte and Sao Paulo.

This Teaser is a Demo for the new season of Mundo Urbano ; it was shot during the EQUATOUR 2010.

8 brasilians on a crazy trip to Peru / Ecuador. We went to ecuador for WRS competition with a conection in Lima / Peru and skated with Carlos Caramelo Sandro “lili” Timoteo and a few of his friends.

In Ecuador we met Jero, Billy Fish Oneil, Keny and George Demetrios.


1. Felipe Ortega – Chile
2. Dennis Cabrera – Babahoyo ecuador
3. Jorge Garcia – Colombia

1. Kalléo Hipolito – Brasil
2. Felipe Cesar – Brasil
3. Yuri Botelho – España