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Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge 2011

Tuesday, July 5th, 2011


Today is a happy day! It took us a while to coordinate with our international team and to go through all entries for the 2011 Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation challenge, but finally the results are in.

These are the winners for the ripstyle Innovation Challenge:

  1. Scott Dawda.
  2. Michael Briggs.
  3. David Michel.

The winners will be contacted shortly about their Ripstyle prize packages.

Ripstyle and Rollernews thank all who took on the challenge to try and better themselves and rollerblading! Soldier on!

Winning Entry by Scott Dawda

Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge 2011

Thursday, April 21st, 2011


To celebrate the release of the Ripstyle Brand 2011 Livestyle footwear collection, Ripstyle Brand and Rollernews have joined forces to bring you the 2011 Ripstyle & Rollernews Innovation Challenge 2011.

If you have an inventive mind, the skill to make your visions reality, and a video camera to document your innovation, this is a great opportunity for you to win some Great Ripstyle Products!

Quoting Mark Korte of Ripstyle Brand:

Even in my days as team manager at USD, I wanted to challenge people to be innovative and be leaders, not followers.

So many of my old team were simply that, a lot of people do not realize that back then the team was so amazing simply because they inspired each other daily. New tricks, variations of old tricks…

The contest is to come up with a new solid trick, it can really be anything. Judges will be Rollernews and the Ripstyle Inline Team. Send in the video (details below), and it will be judged. Bonus points for not taking yourself too serious!

Rules & How to send your video(s)

  • Your clips have to be 30 seconds to 1 minute long, no music, featuring an original trick or switches. You can enter as many entries as you want.
  • Keep your clips in good quality but keep in mind that the filesize must not exceed 75 mb. If your file is too big, resize the rendered video or lower the compression rate a bit.
  • Include your name in the video’s filename
  • To share your video, go to this url, enter the password “bobisaskater” (without the quotes) & upload your entry.
  • Post a message in the forums or on facebook, including the filename of your video. Validated entries will be posted on youtube.



You as a winner, will get a full set of Ripstyle Gear consisting of one pair of shoes of your choice from the 2011 Ripstyle Livestyle Collection + “Sneaky Oogler” Sunglasses + “Simple Pile Up” T-shirt + Cap / hat of your choice + Bunch of wristbands + Set of magnets (4 different designs) + Set of rubber coasters (3 different designs) + Purse Holder + Cosmetic Mirror + necklace + zipper lanyard

2nd and 3rd place will also win a pair of the 2011 Livestyle shoes of their choice.

Deadline: 1st of June at 17:00.

Omar Wysong: Ramo Song, an ulterior path, sample 1 (Ripstyle Short + Bonus)

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

omar wysong
Photo: Jeff Linett.

Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, raised in the midwest. Omar Wysong moved to California to pursue skating full time.

Skating professionally for 10 plus years. He has had 3 pro wheels, 5 pro frames in which he revolutionized the first 2 wheel frame, known as freestyle.

Omar injects a “freestyle”, abstract type skating where he incorporates the conventional with the unconventional. Also an actor Omar now resides in Calabasas California with his family.

Ripstyle Short: Video Offline. Sound by Dj Wally Pishposh.

Photo Set by Jeff Linett

Legendary Omar Wysong Edits
Omar Wysong: Monx Section

Omar Wysong: Fruitbooter Section

Omar Wysong: Closer Section

Omar Wysong: Brain Fear Gone Section

Oeteldope 2011 (Netherlands): Denbosch (last Stop) Promo Edit + Eindhoven Photos

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011

Photo: Karlis Bowman by Rene Styner.

Check this promo edit by Sven Boekhorst & Timmy Vanilli for the last stop of the Oeteldope contest in Denbosch (April 16, 2011) and some photos of Eindhoven on Ripstyle.

Rock Killers, Kick Ass Comp: Video, Results & Photos

Tuesday, April 5th, 2011

rock killer kicks ass comp


1st Iain Mcleod
2nd Tyler Hester
3rd Russell Day

4th Winston Wardwell
5th Anthony Luna
6th David Jones
7th Daniel Rosado
8th Eric Schaefer
9th Jeff Hamm
10 Damon Franklin

Best trick: Eric Schaefer
Fakie 450 back farv and 360 porn on the down ledge.

rock killer kicks ass comp

About Rock Killers

Rockillers is a rollerblading crew established in 2002 that can be summarized in in 5 words: Blading, Innovative, Lifestyle, Bleezies, and Breezies.

Rockillers houses a mix of personalities and counts on true legends in their ranks, including: Iain Mcleod, Alejoh Candelo, & Tom Predergast.

Photos of the Rock Killers, Kick Ass Comp by Jeff Linett
Flickr Photo Set.


Fridolin Eelbo (27): Ripstyle Edit

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

Fridolin Eelbo

Fridolin Eelbo is 27 years old and already an Icon in Rollerblading. He has been skating for 17 years and most of that time at the highest level, at 10 years old, he started skating in Cartagena, a small city on the coast of Columbia in South America it was here he spent 12 years of his life.

He now studies at the SAE in Vienna Digital Film and Animation. When he is not skating, he is Boxing, meeting friends, or spending time with his girlfriend of 5 years.


David Jones: Bang It Out, Ripstyle Edit

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

david jones

Video Offline.
Song: Bang It Out by Tommy P. Larger Picture.

Anthony Williams: Ripstyle Movin Edit

Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

anthony williams

Song: Movin by Khari Pharaoh Santiago.

Dave Jones: Bungee Misty Flip

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

david jones

Video Offline.

david jones

Thanks DaveyjSdSfRazors (forums).

Ripstyle: Rockillers Session & David Jones Edit

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Ripstyle: Rockillers Session

An evening with the Rockillers.
Music: Khari Pharaoh Santiago – Last March.


Ripstyle: David Jones Edit

Jeff Linett photographs David Jones for Ripstyle.
Music: Khari Pharaoh Santiago – shrooms 4 sale.

david jones

Videos Offline.

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