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Jeremy Spira: Revolution, 90 Seconds (2008-2009)

Wednesday, February 1st, 2017

Revolution closed its doors, all the videos from the Revolution 90 seconds series are down, but Jeremy Spira took the time to reupload this gem on his Vimeo channel, Enjoy!

Jeremy Spira: Revolution, 90 Seconds (2008-2009)

Recovered from the archives. When I was just a wee lad. Circa 2008-2009. Filmed and edited by Jon Jenkins. – Jeremy Spira.

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90 Seconds with John Bolino (Revolution, 2010)

Wednesday, January 7th, 2015

July 2010 Repost.

jon jon bolino

John Bolino was the perfect skater to launch our Revolution 90 Seconds. His skating sets the standard for what the 90 Seconds are all about.

We are honored to have him be a part of the Revolution team. Bolino has an amazing style, he doesn’t care to make it look too “perfect.” He wants to keep it raw, that is why he makes rollerblading look so badass. – Revolution Skate Shop.

Video Offline.

Music: Dead moon – graveyard. Thanks Shane Schommer.

90s with Keaton Newsom (Revolution)

Friday, October 7th, 2011

Style is more than just making your tricks look good, the way Keaton Newsom carries himself defines his style. Your appearance, music, spot selection, tricks and the way you do them all factor into what makes up your style.

What sets Keaton above the rest is his attitude. Where bad attitudes plague our industry with negativity, Keaton is setting a higher standard. You’re drawn even more to Keaton because of his positive demeanor. It completes him as an up and coming skater in our industry. Keaton is an inspiration for the next generation of skaters. -Revolution.

Video Offline.

Revolution Keaton Newsom 90 Second Interview.

James Johnson: 90 Second Interview & Profile

Saturday, July 16th, 2011

James Johnson

How could I put into words who James Johnson is to me? James is someone that I feel blessed to share experiences on this planet with. A human being that inspires me to better myself. A dude, that I would fly out to Arizona to hang out with, even if I can’t skate cause I have a busted shin. Yes, he owns a skate shop.

Yes, he has been the back bone of one of the healthiest skate scenes in America. Yes, he has had hundreds of people staying in his home so they could come skate in AZ, but for me James is way more than the sum of what he did or did not. For me, James Johnson is a friend, a brother (even if I am not close to being Native). As for his skating, I will let the 90 seconds speak for itself.

-Mathieu Ledoux

Video & Links down.

90s with Travis Rhodes by Jon Jenkins (Revolution)

Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Travis Rhodes is a powerhouse. He charges, and fully commits to what he’s doing. He’ll surprise you with his big bag of tricks.

He’s not limited, he has the ability to skate literally whatever is put in front of him. Travis also never accepts anything half-ass, he expects a lot out of himself.

He looks a lot older than he really is, which is a good thing. Travis is just getting started, he has everything in front of him. He has “it” and he’s on his way.

Video Offline.

Travis Rhodes: Revolution Interview & Profile.

90s with Matthias Ogger by Jon Jenkins (Revolution)

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

matthias ogger
Photos: Awall.

Matthias Ogger is a skater who’s earned his respect. He’s been skating hard for years, and he’s paid the price.

Ogger is a skater you enjoy being around. He has a fresh attitude, and he always says the funniest thing at the right moment.

Matthias has no delusions about skating, he knows what he wants, and skates the way that feels right. His approach to skating reveals what you like best about him – Matthias has a style like no other.

Video Offline.

Matthias Ogger: Revolution Interview.

Mike Lilly: Revolution 90s by Jon Jenkins

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

“Everything he does is gold.” Jon and I use this saying to describe certain skaters. Meaning they can’t do no wrong, every trick they do is amazing, every clip they get is priceless.

Mike Lilly is one of those skaters. His 90 was filmed in a week because of this exact reason. Blading needs skaters like Lilly, full of personality and style that is unmatched. One statement changed everything for him – “I’m not done yet.”

Video Offline.

Mike Lilly Interview on Revolution.

90s with Brian Bina (Revolution, 2011)

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

Brian Bina has a style all of his own that is amazing to watch. Bina is a really powerful skater, everything he does is on point.

I’ve rarely seen a skater like Bina, someone who has their style fine tuned at such a young age. He gets it.

Blading needs a future, we need to present ourselves, and present blading in the best possible way. Seeing a skater like Brian Bina come up, it gives me hope that our sport is going in the right direction.

Video Offline.

Check the Brian Bina Interview on Revolution.

90s with Michael Braud (Revolution)

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

michael braud gumby

Gumby is a stunt skater. He’s part of a dying breed of skaters who hit spots most of us are scared of.

He’s tough as hell, you can’t be a wimp and skate the way he does. Gumby is easy to film, he doesn’t hesitate, and he even counts down before each trick.

When you hear him say “3… 2… 1” – hit record, and get ready to see something insane. Gumby will push himself beyond what you thought was possible on blades.

Michael Braud Interview on Revolution.

Video Offline.

90s with Casey McFarley (Revolution)

Monday, November 1st, 2010

Casey is one of our favorite skaters, it’s easy for him to be. What sets him apart are the spots he chooses to skate. He’ll skate the spot you wish you had found, or did the line you wish you thought of. That is what makes Casey special.

Casey McFarley

He is one step ahead of the rest, and he is going in his own direction. Casey is pushing rollerblading in the direction it needs to go. – Revolution.

Video Offline.

“I like skating spots you have to think about and use your imagination.” – Casey McFarland.

90s Interview with Casey McFarley.

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