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Razors Uk Young Blood Team

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Razors Uk Young Blood Team

Scott Quinn announced the winners for the Razors Uk Young Blood Team Contest, winning themselves a guaranteed spot on the team for the whole year.

  • Jack Mckell 15 years old from Dumbarton Scotland (video entry).
  • Brandon Young 12 years old from Chester (video entry).
  • Matty Lavelle 15 years old from Liverpool (video entry).

Video of the prize ceremony by Andy Mills

This year Razors UK looked to develop the younger generation of our future more than ever. With this in mind UK rider Scott Quinn organised the Young Blood competition.

This gave young guys 15 and under the chance to show what they could do. The response was immense and the standard of UK skating at under 15 is unbelievable.

Brandon Young (12): Razors Young Blood, Edit

Friday, August 24th, 2012

Brandon Young

Brandon is 12 years old and has been skating for 18 months.

His progression is astonishing, literally learning new tricks every time he skates.

Brandon’s love for skating and going big is clear, i think he would make a good addition to the young blood team.

Filmed at his local, Boneyard Skatepark near Chester.