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Greg Breger & Pals: Chill Sessions in Quimper (France)

Sunday, April 27th, 2014

Greg Breger & Pals: Chill Session in Qimper (France)

Two sessions at the new Macumba skatepark in Quimper (France). Featuring Lilian Puisset, Greg Breger, Pierre Ollivier, Quentin Brest, Maxime Le Tareau, Mathieu Kerhornou, Maxime Kind & Gauthier Faveyrial.

Optional music for Jean Pierre Mader fans.
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Urban Jam 2009 (Quimper, France): HRprod Edit

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Urban Jam 2009

About the edit:
quoting Hugo Remz:

So here is a contest from “nowhere” in France. It is located in a small town in the western part of France called Quimper.

Pierre, Jeremy, Mathieu, Stephan and I had a crazy night in Angers (BlingBling city) with only a few hours of sleep. The next morning’s 4 hour drive wasn’t easy but we managed to make it on time at the contest. Pierre was NOT suppose to skate because of an injury but guess what, he won !

The week-end was crazy: good contest, good food, and a good night out. We followed Walter into the street in search of the best Bar of Quimper and found a very dirty place where ugly,alcoholic milfs were just hanging out.

Thanks everyone for watching this.



  1. Pierre LELIEVRE
  2. Thomas BOULEAU
  3. Gaetan D’HERVE
  4. Mathieu KERHORNOU

Best Trick: Patrick Aktarus STUNEN.