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Quentin Mandron (France, 30): 2014 Clips

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Quentin Mandron (France, 30): 2014 Clips

F. Fries: Quentin Mandron & Stephane Mosselmans

Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

quoting Frenchyfries.

Quentin Mandron and Stephane Mosselmans are two strong characters.

That’s why we thought that for once, it would make sense to let them take care of the editorial piece to present their shared profile, filmed in multiple skate parks throughout France and Belgium by Samuel “Bodchoy” Courdent, and edited somewhere between France and Ireland. Enjoy !

Stephane Mosselmans by Quentin Mandron:

I could talk about Mossel’s skating but it makes no sense, that’s something you have to watch by yourself, and Stephane doesn’t like reading nice stuff about him…

I could talk about the day I met him and Gregory Defreyne and how they filled my eyes with dreams, or about sessions in the street of Brussels, or about the night when it becomes pure poetry. Actually, I’ve only one thing to say.

Go fuck yourselves ! Viva el Norte, viva Brussels and viva Stephane Mosselmans ! Bicky, drugs ans Mos and roll !!!

Quentin Mandron by Stephane Mosselmans :

Five or six years ago, I met Quentin Mandron. It was in Lyon. And it is one of the reasons why I really love him : because he’s from Lyon.

And also because he does some long, looooonnnnng backside royale, kinda like Shima. Long story short : if you don’t like that guy you suck ! I for myself do love him, and I am really glad to share a profile with him. Quentin, if you read this : Merliche !

Thanks Tom Cruise.

Frenchy Fries: Quentin Mandron & Louis Villar

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

Growing up skating in Lyon (France) can be hard, sometimes. I mean, you have to be tough to survive the “School of Foch”, and the harsh comments of masters like Nicolas Bellini or Thomas Pfluger.

It can be really good, too, because it’s a school that taught you that it’s not about the tricks you land, but the way you do them. And also, that even if you are Andrew Reynolds or Miss France, you’re still not good enough to mess with these guys.

Quentin Mandron and Louis Villard survived. Lessons are sometimes learned the hard way. Approaching every obstacle with speed and landing every trick with steeze, the streets of Lyon do now belong to these guys. Quentin even earned himself a spot on the French Razors team, and also skates for Ground Control and 4X4 Wheels. I guess today’s lesson is: don’t mess with Lyon, don’t mess with those guys, and enjoy the edit made for you by Samuel “Bodchoy” Courdent !

(Foch has been featured in the Spot-ed article of issue #8 of One Magazine).

Via Frenchyfries.

Music: Joy Division Atmosphere.

Montage : Bodchoy.

Quentin Mandron (Razors France): 2006 Profile

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006

Here is a video edit of Quentin Mandron, the french spiritual son of Brian Shima (take a look a Quentin’s fishbrain). Quentin rides for Razor France ; the video was shot in Lyon and Paris.

Thanks Tom Cruise.