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Spot Slayer (Blading App): Kill It, Win It

Saturday, November 12th, 2016

Available on Itunes, Android version coming soon.

Spot Slayer App: Kill It, Win It (on Iphone, Android Soon)

What is Spot Slayer

Did you ever go to a spot and asked yourself what did people land here before? Did you ever want to be that guy that killed it in that spot and had the proof?

If you answered yes Spot Slayer is all you have been waiting for. The Spot Slayer app enables you to load you best tricks footage to a specific spot.

Spot Slayer App: Kill It, Win It

If your trick recieves the most “Slays” (likes) and a high judge score you might win a money prize, yes you heard it right. The tricks are hard so the app is easy

The App’s simple user interface will enable you load you footage in seconds, just choose the spot fill out the form and load your video.

Spot Slayer on Facebook | Visit

Android App: Aggressive Inline Skating 3D (2015)

Friday, January 23rd, 2015

EnJen Development released an Android app called Aggressive Inline Skating 3D on January 15, 2015 (requires Android 2.3+).

Android App: Aggressive Inline Skating 3D (2015)


Cool little Aggressive Inline Skating game in 3D. Do flips, spins, grabs, slides, manuals and other tricks to get the best score you can!

Customize everything! Your players appearance, wheel color, you can even create your own maps!

Try out the 4 premade maps, and rack up an awesome highscore! Then create your own skatepark, with different surroundings, park sizes and ramps!

Bladedice app for iPhone

Saturday, February 22nd, 2014

Juho Pispa released Bladedice, an Iphone app for your B.L.A.D.E games (iOS 6.0+ required, Itunes Link).

Bladedice app for iPhone

TRE339 presents the BladeDice app for Blading/ Aggressive-inline/ Freestyle Rollerblading/ Rollerblading. The app sets the trick combined from three different variables (spin, side, trickname).

Each player (1-5) tries to do the trick. If a player fails the trick, he gets a letter.

If a player gets five letters (BLADE), he drops out of the game. The last player without 5 letters wins. A great way to learn new tricks or mix up the normal sessions.

If you are running an older iOS version or Android on your phones, you might be interested by Trickit (iOS 3+), King of the Spot (Android 2.2+), Art of Rolling Skate Dice (Android 1.5+) or Freestyle Generator (Android 2.1+)

Free Android App for your games of B.L.A.D.E: Freestyle Generator by Desaxed Studios

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

Free Android App for your games of B.L.A.D.E: Freestyle Generator by Desaxed Studios

Freestyle Generator can generate thousands of random freestyle tricks. It helps you to discover new tricks and improve your own abilities.

App on Google Play. Android 2.1+ Required.

Video Offline.

More B.L.A.D.E Apps

King of the Spot: Android App by Carlos Frias Ferrer

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

King of the Spot is an Android application with which you can challenge your friends (up to six skaters) and find out who’s the best in a specific spot.

Add players, do the trick shown and add letters to those who don’t do the trick well.

The App is free (sponsored by Grindhouse) and available in English, Spanish and German. (Android 2.2+ required).

Art of Rolling Skate Dice: Free Android App

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Art of Rolling Skate Dice: Android App

Art of Rolling presents the first aggressive-skate dice app for the android. Leave the odds to the random dice generator or stop them whenever you please by simply press on the dice as its rolling.

Art of Rolling Skate Dice on Android Market.
Instructions for the dice are available in this post.

Art of Rolling Skate Dice: Android App

We will soon announce the winners of the Art of Rolling Skate Dice Giveaway.

Tricks iT: Iphone, Itouch App

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Tricks iT

Tricks iT is an iphone ipod & itouch application ; it is the first & only iphone application for inline rider device at the moment.

Tricks iT uses Facebook for social features.

Features :

* tricks generator for inline games.

* fully customizable option to create your own tricklist.

* each trick is customizable by : trick validated (or not) ; picture of the trick / spot ; localization of the trick / spot ; trick can be manually added.

* online features with facebook and scores.

* facebook features : upload trick in feed ; upload trick in status ; upload score ; upload picture of trick / spot in a “trick it” album ; upload trick picture by mail ; save picture in album roll.

Tricks iT is constantly updated, some features are not on the video.

You can get the app here: Trick iT: Itunes link.