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Oso Boots: Prototype v4, Photo + Clips

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

Oso Prototype Version 4 (made in the USA. Boot: urethane, cuff: urethane, skins: Bullet Prufe denim, souls: machined UHMW, liners: Trust Special Ops.

Oso Prototype Version 4

Larger picture.

We are not just in the garage any more. This model is created from our 3D printed mold. At this point it is easier and faster for us to fine tune our work.

We are currently testing the strengths of different material like urethane, carbon fiber, and various plastics. More to come on the new design in June!Oso Boots.

Arsenio Patterson and Phillip Gripper shredding in Oso Boots

Music: Dwij – Love Signs (get the song on

Oso Prototypes

Up: Prototypes 1-4 on Bigcartel ($275, Sold Out).

Oso Boots: Pro Park, Funding on

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2014

Phillip Gripper, Brett Coppedge Oso Boots

Phillip Gripper and I (Brett Coppedge) have recently purchased 10,000 sq-ft of ramp from Hickory (NC).

Our goal is to reloate the material to Charlotte (NC) and create a professional level skatepark.

Aside from our knowledge on skatepark construction, we also test/ manufacture aggressive inline skates. Click this link to find out more about us.Oso Boots.

Montre Livingston: speech + tricks at 0:50.

Oso Boots: Photos

Friday, April 18th, 2014

Oso Boots: Photos

Larger Pictures:

Oso Boots: Photos

Oso Boots: Photos

HD photo of the boots (2040x1154px). Thanks Oso Mfg.

WTF is Oso Boots: Making-of + Skating Clips

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Brett Coppedge & Phillip Gripper, owners of Osot Boots MFC (Charlotte, MC) present their product.

WTF is Oso Boots

Oso Boots: Skates Photos & Arsenio Patterson Edit

Thursday, August 1st, 2013

First posted on March 2013, here is more infos about the Oso Boots.

Oso Boots

  • Oso Boots owners: Phillip Gripper & Brett Coppedge.
  • Oso Boots Team: Arsenio Patterson & Riley Hilsman.
  • About the boot: pre-order ($275.00) starts August 1st at Available in sizes 8 & 9. Features durable abrasion resistant black nylon skin, black ABS plastic shell, black UHMW soul plates & Trust Liners.

Arsenio Patterson: OSO Boots, 2013 Edit
Filmed by David Dodge, Mike Torres & Seth Lloyd. Edited by David Dodge.

Arsenio Patterson: OSO Boots, 2013 Edit

Song: TNGHT – Goooo.

Oso Boots

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

Oso Boots

Coming Soon (Fall / Winter 2013). Visit