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Alex Miranda: Day of the Rope (1996) + One Mag Itw

Monday, January 24th, 2011

alex miranda

AM 4 life… Alex Miranda, lots of people have an opinion on who Alex is. Some think they know him, few actually do. I’ve known him since we were kids, 12 or 13 years old. When he was still rocking a rat-tail under his A’s cap and wearing a Bash Bros. t-shirt.

The first thing we had in common was our favorite baseball player, Jose Canseco… this was before steroids were really illegal. We became friends, and began chillin’, playing football, baseball, BMXing, or whatever the flavor of the month was. In ‘93–’94, rollerblading began to consume us.

We saw a great opportunity to be original and have our own crew that did something no one else did at that time. Shortly after that, we were known throughout the city as “Bladers.” Alex had a style that stood out from the rest of us. When Alex skates he strives for perfection, just landing isn’t good enough.

There’s a sense of unity when Alex locks on a grind; it seems that he attaches himself to it, while making sure his shirt and hat always match. Alex was getting into the OC scene, skating with Randy Spizer, Arlo Eisenberg and the Senate guys. He was eventually placed on the Senate team, putting his name next to skaters like Louie Zamora, Josh Petty, TJ Webber and B Love. What most people don’t know about Alex is his life outside of rollerblading.

I’m sure that there are kids out there who can relate to family issues, health problems and trouble with the law. Alex has had a fair share of ups and downs, but through the fog, he has emerged with a new perspective on life. Alex is a person who can make you laugh one minute and maybe get under your skin the next, but one thing that’s consistent with Alex is that he is always himself, whether you like it or not. – Carlos Kessell

Full Alex Miranda Interview on One Magazine.

2000 Fleer Adrenaline Cards on Ebay

Friday, November 19th, 2010

Cardz4u is selling oldschool rollerblading cards on Ebay. Link

Featuring Aaron Feinberg, Jaren Grob, Josh Petty, Cory Miller, Matt Salerno, Morgan Pszko, Todd Grossman, Shane Saviers, Matt Lindermuth, Shawn Robertson.

skating cards

Jenna Downing & Jenny Logue: Puberty Section

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Jenna Downing & Jenny Logue

Jenna Downing Age 9 had a video section with Jenny Logue from the old VHS Puberty Video way back in the day when Jenna was just a kid.

Blade Warriors (1994): Blast from the Past

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

blade warriors


Chaos:Eternity:Kaos (2001) by Pat Lennen & Sean Cullen (intro)

Monday, July 26th, 2010


The introductory section from the classic skate film Chaos : Eternity : Kaos by Lennen and Cullen.

Footage from 2000, released in 2001 by Rebel Distribution.

Featuring full sections on the original INRI crew: Ben Weis, Pat Lennen, Dre Powell, Charles Dunkle, Jesus Larcen, Rob Thompson and Sean Cullen (via).

Oldschool: You gotta see this, Jaren Grob Fall + Skatebreak, Rollerblade Promo

Thursday, May 27th, 2010

You gotta see this, Jaren Grob Fall

jaren grob arlo eisenberg

Skatebreak, Rollerblade Promo

skatebreak rollerblade


Oldschool: Skater Mag #1 + Free Advice

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

skater mag

SKATER MAGAZINE Issue #1 (1998)

SKATER MAGAZINE Issue #1 came out around July 1998 and it was the final issue due to the negative feedback of the cover wording. On the cover is one of Rollerblading’s most infamous personality’s: New York City’s own RAWLINSON RIVERA. And all it took was 1 classic sentence of Rawls Royce’s lingo to throw the literary world into an uproar. “WHO’S THE JOHNNIEST NIGGA YOU KNOW?” was plastered on the cover alongside his scowl and the rest is history.

Just by the cover alone you can easily tell that this Rollerblading magazine was catering to the older crowd… It even had a centerfold model semi-nude wearing a SKATER MAGAZINE t-shirt. This was definitely not for the little grommets at the skateparks with the oversized skates getting in everybody’s way. […]

Check the full article on Shutupandsk8.
Thanks LordBrian.

LOOKBACK #7: Some Free Advice (1996)

Here’s the 1996 video SOME FREE ADVICE from Top Shelf Films. Read all about it at in the latest LOOKBACK.

some free advice

“‘Some Free Advice’ is a journey into the philosophies of inline skating. From simple grinds on street to 720 McTwists on vert to Misty Flips over fun boxes… this film displays and describes the tricks in full detail. Watch skaters like Ryan Jacklone and Dave Ortega perform their favorite tricks and then hear them describe how they do it.” — From the back cover

The idea of an instructional video for blading always seemed strange to me, but the ’90s gave us at least three of them. Two Volumes of “Some Free Advice” and “Ride Like Aaron,” which was made by the guys who brought us Heavy Wheel company. “Ride Like Aaron” was supposed to teach you to skate like Aaron Feinberg. It was horrid. Imagine descriptions of how to do a back royale while the same clip of Aaron doing a back royale played on loop for several minutes in slow-mo… […]

NYC: Oldschool NISS Video + Promo (1998)

Friday, May 21st, 2010

niss 1998

Featuring Josh Petty, Nicky Adams, Rawlinson Rivera, Blake Dennis and Brian Smith as the Interviewer.

Rollerblading Throwback #5: Pictures and infos on Shutupandsk8.
Thanks Lord Brian.

Blast from the Past: Oldschool Usd Throne Champion Baumstimler Classic Thrones

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Usd Throne Champion Baumstimler Classic Thrones

More Pictures on the forums, and Iah is selling them, brand new oO’

Usd Throne Champion Baumstimler Classic Thrones

(Lookback) Senate: Supporting Angry Youth

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

senate rollerblading

One strange day, in 2002 or so, my friend Nick and I were sitting at a bus stop in Springfield, VA about to board a greyhound to Nashville, Tennessee en route to Plano, Texas for The Hoedown. We both sat smoking, silently contemplating the long trip ahead.

A random stranger approached asking for a cigarette. I handed him a Camel from my pack. As he lit the cigarette he casually asked if I was wearing a Senate sweatshirt. I replied that I was, and he responded “That’s crazy. I grew up next door to Arlo Eisenberg in Orange County.” His name was Shelby, named after the Ford Mustang, and he had just arrived here to wait for a bus transfer back to California from Virginia beach. He talked to us for a few minutes, claiming to have once dropped a young Roadhouse with one punch in the face, and seeing Arlo selling the first Senate wheels out of his backpack at the local skatepark.

Senate grew from the early days of making grindplates in their garage and selling wheels out of backpacks to at one point bringing in $10 million a year in sales. […]

Check the One, Lookback Article: Supporting Angry Youth.

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