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Oakland Blade Jam 2016: ONEblademag Raw Footage

Thursday, October 20th, 2016

Oakland Blade Jam 2016 as captured by Samuel DeAngelis.

Last weekend the Third Annual Oakland Blade Jam went down in the streets of Northern California. Host Brian Freemanā€˜s positive energy drew friends and bladers from as far south as Los Angeles for a winner-take-all street comp with a chance at $1,000 and bragging rights for the year. […]

Full Report on Winner: Michael Braud.
Previously: coverage by Peter Drozdowski.

Oakland Blade Jam 2016: FilthJuice coverage

Monday, October 17th, 2016 coverage by Peter Drozdowski.

Oakland Blade Jam 2016: FilthJuice coverage

Featuring skating by: Derek Henderson, Sean Keane, Michael Braud, Gene Steagal, Danny Malm, Casey Bagozzi, Stephen Babcock, Victor Arias, Andy Johnson, Korey Waikiki, Cameron Talbott, Levi Sebastian and more…

Music by Skookum: Skookum – Lonesome Dreams, Skookum – In The Cold, Skookum – Home Grown Blues.


Oakland Blade Jam 2015: Edit by Erick Rodriguez

Wednesday, October 14th, 2015

Filmed by Ivan Narez and Erick Rodriguez.

Oakland Blade Jam 2015: Edit by Erick Rodriguez

Video Offline.


  1. Gene Stegall
  2. Julian Bah
  3. Chris Calkins

Previously: Oakland Blade Jam 2015: FilthJuice Edit.

Oakland Blade Jam 2015: FilthJuice Edit

Saturday, October 10th, 2015

Filmed & edited by Peter Drozdowski | Visit

Oakland Blade Jam 2015: FilthJuice Edit

Oakland Blade Jam: More Media.

Oakland Blade Jam 2014: Edits & Results

Saturday, August 2nd, 2014

Oakland Blade Jam 2014: Edits

July 26th 2014 marked the second annual Oakland Blade Jam, put on on by Brian “Bfree” Freeman and crew. This year’s blade jam took skaters deep through the hood of West Oakland. Starting off first at Madison Ledges traveling next to the infamous 28th and West St. flat rail and final ended at a huge down rail at John Swett Elementary.

Edit by Kevon Thompson
Music: Town Shit – Keak Da Sneak, Danny Brown – Monopoly, Juj – Space Gold, Killer Mike and El-P – Run The Jewels, Arts the Beatdoctor – Solitaire.

JuicedSuckaFoos Edit: check the video on Youtube.
Thanks Gene Steagall, Anonymous & PeterD (forums).

Featuring Victor Arias, Gene Steagall, Victor Galicia, Tim Franken, Jay, Bander Saleh, John Vassoughi, Ceasar Cj, Korey Waikiki, Kyle Nolte and more!


  1. Gene Steagall
  2. Victor Arias
  3. Victor Galicia

MVP (Most Valuable Player): Isaac Parks.
MXP (Most Xsjadoest Player): Isaac DeSanto.

Oakland Blade Jam 2013: Edits

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

David Sizemore Wins Oakland Blade Jam 2013

One Magazine @ Oakland Blade Jam
Song: Zion I and The Grouch – Hit Em (Instrumental).

Success in Oakland. Brian Freeman and his crew launched what is sure to become an annual tradition with this weekend’s inaugural Oakland Blade Jam. Bringing together a gritty city skateboard park, the local hardware store and countless volunteers and contributions, the OBJ went down without any visible hitches showing that with the right mix of perseverance and vision bladers can rally their communities to achieve blade-friendly goals.

With Shredweiser and the Bay Area locals repping hard, the We Are One crew rolled in from SLC, Erick Rodriguez and Mike Obedoza popped up from Long Beach, and pieces of the Valo posse came through from Santa Ana. Even Carson Starnes and Chris Smith from Georgia. We’re happy to report the travel was not in vain as BFree & Co’s hard work paid off.

The contest showed the crowd great blading and ended with David Sizemore displaying his eye for the seemingly impossible. Along the way many sweet maneuvers were put down, and we managed to catch a couple. Check out ONE @ Oakland Blade Jam.

Themgoods Edit by Ivan Narez

Best Trick: John Vossoughi.

  1. David Sizemore.
  2. Marc Clune.
  3. Michael Braud.

Previously: David Sizemore Wins Oakland Blade Jam 2013.
Oakland Blade Jam, held on June 15th 2013. Hosted by Brian Freeman.

David Sizemore Wins Oakland Blade Jam 2013

Sunday, June 16th, 2013

Raw clips of David Sizemore on Vine: 01, 02 by Erick Rodriguez & Amall. One Mag related article: BFree Talks Oakland Blade Jam (June 11). Thanks Jake P.

David Sizemore Wins Oakland Blade Jam 2013

Up: David Sizemore hitting the 270 from the quarter to front royale to 1st place Oakland Blade Jam. Photo: Jon Julio (larger picture).