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Never Winter Jam 2008: Report & Jojo Jacobi Interview

Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Never Winter Jam 2008
Photos: Kuba Urbanczyk & Misiek z Wroclawia

Check a report of the Never Winter Jam 2008 on Inmag.

Never Winter Jam official edit made by Radek Kojtych.

Download: never.divx. Via Hedonskateteam.

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jojo jacobi

Interview with Jojo Jacobi, organiser of Winterclash:

SZ: In the most cases, when is the offical media supporter of an event, I do my best to create the detailed story, which not only focus on the skating/event process but shows the other aspects of the event. As one of the guest who came to Poland and competed, You seem to be a good person to talk it through. I would like to ask You a few questions as You are the organiser of the biggest rollerblading event in the world – Winterclash. So let`s start, first of all how did you like Wrocław?

JOJO: Hm… That’s always a hard question, due the fact that on tour I usually just see the skatepark and some street spots. But this time it was a bit better. We went out two nights in a row and I could see the center of WrocÅ‚aw by night. It looks really nice and got some beautiful parts. Too bad I couldn’t see more. But I already arranged a tourist city tour for my next visit. […]

Read the full interview on Inmag (bottom of the page).

Neverwinterjam 2008 (Poland): edit by

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Neverwinterjam 2008 (Poland): edit by
Best trick – Piotrek Combrzynski with 720 topsoul.

Check the full results + another edit here.

Video: Martins Jansons.
Song: Tears for fears – Shout cover by (?).

Never Winter Jam 08: Results & Video Edit

Monday, March 17th, 2008

never winter

Never Winter Jam 08 (Wroclaw Poland) Results:

1. Tomek Przybylik
2. Przemek Górczyk
3. Martin Selecky

Best Trick

Piotrek Combrzyński


1. Nick Lomax
2. Piotrek Combrzyński
3. Jojo Jacobi / Sands Chaz

Thanks Jordan Chow. Via MCR.