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Nass 06 / Lg Action Sports : Mark Wilson Photos

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Mark Wilson and Dave Bell posted a nice photo gallery of the Nass 06 / Lg Action Sports Contest.

Check the photos : NASS BRAUN Spine / NASS Inline Street / NASS VIP Party 1 / NASS VIP Party 2 / NASS Inline Vert / NASS BMX Public Park.

Nass 06 / Lg Action Sports Contest
up : ? / Chaz Sands / Jenna Downing / Mike Opalek / Oli Short. Photo : Dave Bell.

up : Fabiola da Silva / Jenna Downing / Chaz Sands. Photo : Dave Bell.

Nass 06 / Lg Action Sports – street Edit

Saturday, August 5th, 2006

Nass 06 / Lg Action Sports - street Edit

Here is the part 2 of my Nass edit duo, this, the street section.. (you can check the vert edit here, featuring Shane Yost)

So yes the media area for the street section was absolute balls and so i took the stands and try to avoid the crowd as much as possible as it was blatently the best angle. ive taken all the best parts from the final, as 15 mins of footage is kinda big for an edit ya!

Winner : Erik Bailey (check all the results here)

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Watch / download the video edit :

Download the video in this topic

Nass ’06 (lg Action Sports) : Shane Yost Vert Edit

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

shane yost
^ Shane Yost

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With thanks to my press and media passes gaining access to all areas at NASS ’06 in Birmingham ive managed to produce an edit documenting the VERT FINALS, winner -Shane Yost. Ive also put in some photos i got between filming…

You can check the photos on this topic.


Watch the Shane Yost Video Edit :
Winner of the Vert Contest, check all the results here

Download | thanks to Meta4 & Scottish Rolling.

Check more media about the Nass ’06 – Lg Action Sports Birmingham here (photos, clips, articles).

media pass / HD Sony Cam
Sony HDV and Media pass !

Nass 2006, LG Action Sports (Birmingham) Finals : Results + Clip

Monday, July 31st, 2006

fabiola da silva / wilfried rossignol

Stop number two of the LG Action Sports World Tour landed in Birmingham England and blew the roof off of the NEC arena and the annual NASS (National Adventure Sport Show)) event. This weekend was filled with a major competition upset, the return of reigning and past LG Action Sports World Champions, and a special visit from two action sports icons/legends.

Erik Bailey 1st place for the street contest, Shane Yost 1st place for the vert contest !

Anarchy in the UK
Inline Street Finals Recap

With about 27 competitors coming from all over the world, notables include Bruno Lowe, Chaz Sands Nicolas Schopfer, Oli Short, Cassimo Tassone, Eric Bailey, Wilfried Rossignol and Mathias Silhan to name just a few.

Just before the event there was a video dedicated to the memory of Richard Taylor. It was a great piece about 3 minutes long with some footage of him skating and hanging out throughout the years. There is also a Richard Taylor Memorial booth selling T-shirts and memorial patches to help raise money for the skatepark they will be building in his name. Richard, a former pro street skater died in an accident in August 2004. […]

Read the full article by Mike Opalek

Inline Street Finals
Birmingham, England – July 30, 2006

1. Erik Bailey
2. Wilfried Rossignol
3. Sven Boekhorst
4. Mathias Silhan
5. Stephan De Freitas
6. Chaz Sands

Watch the full street results here

Autralian Victory ! Shane Yost Breaks the Yasutoko Streak
Inline Vert Finals Recap

The last time somebody topped a Yasutoko was Gravity Games 2002, when Marc Englehart had the run of his life. It was an example of what can happen when preparation meets opportunity. On July 29, 2006, opportunity arose once again, and once again, somebody was prepared.

Birmingham, England, where the beer is cheap and the women are delicious . . . Or is it the other way around? We’re here for the LG Action Sports World Tour stop #2, a stop which, as it turns out, will go down in history. […]

Read the Full Article by Mike Opalek

Inline Vert Finals
Birmingham, England – July 29, 2006

1. Shane Yost
2. Takeshi Yasutoko
3. Sven Boekhorst
4. Eito Yasutoko
5. Nel Martin
6. Kevin Marron Lopez

Watch the full vert results here

Erik Bailey

^ Eric Bailey takes the first place – Street Finals

Download the videoclip | source