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MTL Classic 2006: Results

Friday, September 8th, 2006

Results of the MTL Classic 2006 :

1. Erik Bailey
2. Charle Nantel / Brian Shima
4. Julien Deschamp
5. Brent Hicks

1. Thomas Lieurey
2. Julien Deschamp
3. Mike David
4. Dan Millard
5. Pp Loisel/ Guillaume Roy

Montreal Classic 2006 : Empire Edit

Friday, August 25th, 2006

Kaya Turski
up : Kaya Turski : Top Acid to TS Soyal at the MTL South Park Skatepark. 200x

With Erik Bailey sweeping the contest circuit this year it’s to no surprise the footage of his skating is rediculous, so check out the Montreal Classic edit and all of the great skating that went down over the past weekend.

Watch / Download the video Edit :

Download the video edit here | source

Also in Montreal news, check out the new shop profile from D-Structure as Danny LeRouche takes us through a tour of the newly re vamped shop and shows us what a big shot like him keeps in his fridge ! Thanks Empire.

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Montreal Classic 2006 : BBM Video Edit
Montreal Classic 2006 : Results & Valo Clips
Save the Montreal Pipe

Montreal Classic 2006 : Video Edit

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Mtl Classic

Black Bandit Media posted a really good edit of the Montreal Classic 2006 Competition. This is one of the best contest edit i saw, Mike Dempsey never stopped launching crazy tricks on the rails, Brian Shima was amazing, trying to put his crazy stalls on the door’s edge and then on the security light ! And of course Erik Bailey (the hulk) was simply inhuman, better check those clips to make up your own mind. Don’t miss the results of the comp, they are availiable on this post.

Watch / Download the video :

Montreal Classic 2006 : Results & Clips

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006

Montreal Classic 2006

Congrats to Erik Bailey (Valo Rider) for winning the MTL CLASSIC !

Full Results

1- Erik Bailey
2- Brian Shima
2- Charles Nantel
3- Julien De Champs
4- Brent Hicks

Watch some skating clips of Erik Bailey :

Download the clips
right click / save as | source

MTL Classic 2006 Flyer & 2005 Video Edit

Tuesday, July 25th, 2006

MTL Classic

MTL Classic 2006, August 19th, 20th. Montreal, Canada : Watch the Flyer here.

Watch a video edit of the MTL Classic 2005 Contest :