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Sven Boekhorst and Friends: One day in Zurich (CH), Mind the Gap + Chill Session

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

Between the Mind the Gap shows we found some time to go to a nice outdoor skatepark in Zurich which was close to the event.

Sven Boekhorst & Friends: One day in Zurich (Switzerland), MTG + Chill Session

Event photographer Dominic Swagemakers found some time to put his skates on this sunny session together with Jan Hoogtijeling, Dick Heerkens, oldschool Rollerblade rider Dihn Thai and myself. Later that day we did our last Mind the Gap show with some crazy spins from Swiss rider Maxime Genoud.

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Mind the Gap 2013: Rotterdam (Netherlands) Edit

Monday, September 2nd, 2013

Mind the gap: Rotterdam 2013


  1. Jelle Briggeman
  2. Tevin Renfurm
  3. Tom van Hemert

Rollerblade rookie of the day: Sjoerd Peters.
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Mind the Gap 2013 (Zurich, Switzerland): Clips

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

June 20-21, 2013. Featuring Sven Boekhorst, Maxime Genoud & more.

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Mind the Gap: from 2007 till 2012, Video Recap

Friday, October 5th, 2012

A video recap of six years Mind the Gap. Showcasing the first MTG contest in Rotterdam and all the other stops, including the international stops in Switzerland, France and Poland.

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap inspired and entertained more than 160.000 people during events and shows. Edit by Jeroen Wullems.

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Mind the Gap 2012: Den Bosch, the Netherlands

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Mind the Gap 2012: Den Bosch, the Netherlands

Hosted at the Beats and Roots festival in Den Bosch with 3.500 visitors the atmosphere was great and the weather excellent.

This time Swiss skater, Maxime Genoud showed he was the best and won € 555,- Maxime impressed the judges with smooth spins en grinds. In the finals he killed it with a flatspin 900 over de gap. Maxime’s the only skater now to pull a trick like this.

Talented French skater Taylor Latouche got 2nd with a bombing fakie backflip over the gap and a smooth 540 spin to grind on the MTG rails.

Mind the Gap 2012 Winners

  • 1st stop (Rennes, France): Romain Godenaire (France).
  • 2nd stop (Eindhoven, the Netherlands): Nick Lomax (UK).
  • 3rd stop (Den Bosch, the Netherlands): Maxime Genoud (CH).

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Mind the Gap 2012: Eindhoven Edit (May 2012)

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Mind the Gap 2012 Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
2nd stop of the Mind the Gap tour (flyer).
Next stop: 23.06.2012 – S”Hertogenbosch, Holland.

Mind the Gap 2012: Eindhoven Edit (May 2012)

The second stop of Mind the Gap Eindhoven was a successful edition. It was a sunny day in the city centre with a nice crowd.

After 3 rounds the English skater Nick Lomax showed he was the best and won € 555,-. He impressed the judges with his technical grinds on the MTG rails. Nick did tricks nobody was able to do since 2007 with ease.

Belgium Powerhouse Jeremy Kelser was killing it with a lot speed and good tricks. Scottish rider Chaz Sands got 3rd.


  1. Nick Lomax
  2. Jeremy Kesler
  3. Chaz Sands


Mind The Gap 2012: Rennes, France

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Mind the Gap 2012 Rennes, France ; 1st stop of the Mind the Gap tour (flyer). Next stop: 25.05.2012 – Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Mind The Gap 2012: Rennes, France

The Mind the Gap skate contest, organized by former world champion Sven Boekhorst is back this year.

The first stop of the Mind the Gap tour took place two weeks ago in Rennes, France during the famous and international speed skating event called Rennes sur Roulettes.

French skater Romain Godenaire took the first place and skated away € 555,-. Swiss skater Maxime Genaud took second place.

Taylor Latouche from Paris got 3rd. He tried the most insane trick ever during the Mind the Contest: a Double backflip 180.

If he landed this trick he would probably took 1st place. Unfortunately he took a nasty slam. Note: The slam looks very bad, but Taylor is fine and has no injury.

Previously: Taylor Latouche, Double backflip 180 Slam @ Mind The Gap (Rennes, France).

Taylor Latouche: Double backflip 180 Slam @ Mind The Gap (Rennes, France)

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

Taylor Latouche: Double backflip 180 Slam @ Mind The Gap (Rennes, France)

French skater Taylor Latouche took a nasty slam with his double backflip 180 this weekend at the Rennes sur Roulettes festival.

Hopefully we will recover for the 2nd Mind the Gap stop in Eindhoven 25th of may.

MTG 2012 Rennes (France) Results: 1. Romain Godenaire 2. Maxime Genoud 3. Taylor latouche

Note: Taylor Latouche already landed the Double backflip 180 Trick, check this clip filmed at the LeHangar Skatepark. Thanks Julien (forums). Photo.

Mind the Gap: European Tour, Flyer | MTG on Facebook.

Mind the Gap: Warsaw (Poland) & Duketown Festival (Holland)

Monday, June 27th, 2011

mind the gap
up: Piotrek Combrzynski.

Mind The Gap: Poland

A perfect sunny day for such an event like Mind the Gap. For the first time at the capital of Poland: Warsaw.

Straight up from beautiful shopping centre Zlote Tarasy performed on a specially prepared mobile skatepark brought by Holland’s Pro skater Sven Boekhorst, who is a project maker.

Including inline skaters like: Piotrek Combrzynski, Michal Piotrowski, Radek Kojtych (CanisLatrans), Lukasz Kazmierczak, Krystian Zarzeczny, Marek Doniec and Lukasz Malewski.

Results: 1st Piotrek Combrzynski, 2nd Lukasz Kazmierczak, 3rd Marek Doniec.

Edited by Maciej Tomkow ; Animation Fx Filip Krol ; filmed by Maciej Tomkow & Matt Kacprowicz. Equipment: Canon 5dmark2, 7d
16-35mm 2.8, 50mm 1.8, 100mm 2.8 macro, 70-200mm 4.0, 10-20mm 3.5-5.6, Glidecam 2000Pro, Sennheiser MKE400, Manfrotto tripod + 501Hdv.

Mind the Gap: HipHop in Duketown (Holland)

Featuring Tyron Ballantine, Alex Burston & more.

Mind the Gap HipHop in Duketown

Don’t miss the Rotterdam Street Battle 2011 (Aug. 13), organized by Sven Boekhorst.

Mind the Gap 2011 (Zurich): rollingrockTV Edit

Wednesday, June 1st, 2011

mind the gap

Mind the Gap 2011 (June 25) Infos + 2010 Edit

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

mind the gap

Mind The Gap 2010 (2nd stop) HipHopinDukeTown (July 17)

Mind the Gap, Rotterdam Streetplaza 2010 (2010.09.26)

Monday, September 27th, 2010

Mind the Gap


1. Dick Heerkens
2. Giorgio Oelhers
3. Harrold Scholmer
4. Geaton Fernald
5. Sem Croft

6. Jelle Briggeman
7. Marc v. Wanum
8. Orveo Mac Donald
9. Eric Droogh
10. Daan de Wit

1st place: Dick Heerkens


RE: Mind the Gap Finals

Saturday, September 25th, 2010

Mind the Gap

Sunday 12th of september was scheduled for the Mind the gap 2010 tour finals in collaboration with World on Wheels in the city centre of Eindhoven. The course was setup on the Saturday during a beautiful day. Nothing could go wrong…

Unfortunately Sunday was a huge downer for the riders and organisation. The rain came poring down for the whole day, it was impossible to do the Mind the Gap finals during the day.

The two highlights of the rainy day were: a small session in the kiddie course with David Sizemore killing even the smallest obstacles.

At around 17:30 the sky opened up and even the sun touched the Mind the Gap setup. A small rail session started with Dick Heerkens and Orveo Macdonald, the audience at the spot were surprised by the enthusiastic session.

The organisation of Mind the Gap decided not to end Mind the Gap 2010 without the final it deserves. We have decided to schedule a new stop for the finals.

The final will be held on Sunday September 26th in Rotterdam during the Urban Challenge, yes we’re going back like the years before.

An addition to the course will be the concrete skatepark at the location of Streetplaza Zuiderpark.

Timetable for 26.09.2010: 1st round – 15:20, 2nd round – 16:30, Final round – 18:00.

How to get to “Rotterdam Streetplaza” Zuiderpark??
From the central station of Rotterdam, metro D towards Spijkenisse De Akkers, exit Zuidplein?. From there it will be a 3 minute walk to the RE: MIND THE GAP finals 2010.

3rd stop Mind the Gap (World On Wheels, 12.09.2010)

Check the Pictures in higher resolution.

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