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Mike Salt: BHC AM Team Intro + AO Relaxio Grind

Friday, July 29th, 2011

mike salt

quoting Mike Salt:

Hello people I’ve just started riding the new Horn Razors model, no longer riding for SSM as the team let me down like a party balloon.

I decided that if Shima and the boys can forget about me that easy then It’s too easy for me to forget about them Isn’t it? (via).

BHC AM Team Intro

BHC felt that this was very weak for my ability, cheers guys.

AO Relaxio grind at the Burst1 Street Jam
Filmed by Brett Davies.

Mike Salt in Brighton

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

mike salt

Salty skating in Brighton, with creative direction from Mark Ludgate & Mike. See Mike @ Chaz Sands Invite and Nass Festival 11′. Drink encona sauce!

Mike Salt: Travel Diary + Kingdom Mag Interview

Friday, November 26th, 2010

Filmed in Broome, Western Australia.

mike salt

Mike Salt: Kingdom Mag Interview

Whats the latest Mike, where you living and with who right now?

The latest me is health, man I just feel correct and healthy recently. I quit drinking and I haven’t smoked in three months now.

I have just got to Cairns, far northern Australia and I’m staying in a hostel, working the grave yard shift until I can get out to the Reef!

What are you missing most about the UK?

Absolutely nothing, no I do miss the UK! Everytime it rains I feel homesick. […]

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