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IOWEEKEND by Tri Tri Rudolf & Mike Donovan (2015)

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015

TriTri Rudolf, Mike Donovan and friends took a trip to Iowa, a magical place full of awesome spots and friendly folks.

IOWEEKEND by Tri Tri Rudolf & Mike Donovan (2015)

Featuring Tri Tri Rudolf, Joe Smith, Luke Belding, Mike Donovan, Aaron Schultz, Ben Forsythe, Nick Ford, David Flores, Colton Allen, Andrew Hall, Coleman Kinter, Branden Marden, Junior Terronez.

Edit by Tri-Tri Rudolf

Edit by Mike Donovan

Introducing Chicago’s World Class Grant Park Skatepark (2014): Edit by Michael Donovan

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

Introducing Chicago's World Class Grant Park Skatepark (2014): Edit by Michael Donovan

On December 6th, 2014 the brand new Grant Park skatepark will be having its grand opening. This park is truly something special as it is the largest and most detailed park Chicago has ever seen. Take a tour through this expansive skatepark and watch a select few athletes break in the new features. – Michael Donovan.

Get Gold by Mike Donovan

Monday, February 17th, 2014

Get Gold by Michael Donovan

When life hands you bronze, make that shit gold. Snow sucks, snow box set ups do not.

Myself, Joe Smith, Brian Bruno and Luke Belding on the cam made winter a little more bearable and took a previous session idea from last year and made it better. Finesse. – Michael Donovan.

Windy City Riot 2013: Official Edit by Mike Donovan

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

Windy City Riot 2013: Official Edit by Mike Donovan

The 2013 Windy City Riot in Chicago, IL saw another successful year of amazing talent come through to fight for the $2000 prize. There was no shortage of unique spots and amazing tricks to keep this years WCR one to remember!

Filmed by Mike Donovan, Doug Sharley & Joe Esquivel.
Winner: John Bolino (full results).

Bonus: Windy City Riot 2013, Bangers Only
Edited by Dichfurd Ahlers. Music by The Raknoss. Thanks GL-Joe (forums).

Colorado Road Trip 2013 by Mike Donovan

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

I have been on this trip the past three years and it continues to be one of the main highlights of my year.

Good people, good scenery, good vibes and just and overall unique experience. I filmed a ton last year but lost all my footage due to a faulty hard drive but this year I was determined to capture a glimpse into what this event has to offer.

Colorad Road Trip 2013 by Michael Donovan

Colorado has some amazing talent which is only amplified by the many people who come from out of town.

Some of the skaters in in this include: Jeremy Spira, David Sizemore, Howie Bennett, Cody Lampman, Marc Clune, Geoff Phillip and Nolan Wojciechowski.Michael Donovan.

Gabe Talamantes: 4th of July edit by Mike Donovan

Saturday, July 6th, 2013

Gabe Talamantes: 4th of July edit by Mike Donovan

Gabe Talamantes and I decided to head out for a mini park tour on the fourth of July celebrating ‘Merica. Check out our day around some Chicago parks and see Gabe shred his fancy new skates.Mike Donovan.

Razors Logo by Stefan Brandow. Post approved by Ron Swanson.

Brian Bruno: Scribe, Summer 2012 by Mike Donovan

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Brian Bruno

With summer coming to a close I decided to throw everything Bruno delivered over the spring and summer months. Enjoy style and flawlessness in your face holes! Filmed by Mike Donovan, Daniel Fabiano & Luke Belding.

Music: Thao Nguyen & Blockhead.

Windy City Riot 2012: Edit by Mike Donovan

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012

Windy City Riot 2012

Quoting Mike Donovan:

Another successful Windy City Riot is all wrapped up and all the skaters killed it through out the day. Watch and see what happened.

I did miss some tricks due to just having one cam but here’s what i got, im sure other ones will have some of the sweet tricks I missed. Oh and sorry Spencer and Chemi for spelling your names wrong, didnt feel like exporting again.

The original Video by Mike Donovan is offline, here is a remix edit by Prolix888.

Winner: Steve Lerner ($2,000) | Full Results.
Thanks Dr Zaius.