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The LoveScotland Tour DVD: Trailer

Sunday, December 11th, 2011

The LoveScotland Tour DVD

Join LocoSkates, the UK’s most notorious skate team, plus friends, on the 2011 LoveScotland Tour.

Don’t miss out on Erik Bailey grinding shit, Nick Lomax jumping off shit, Joe Atkinson falling into shit and a bunch of sick guys not really giving a shit.

Featuring the talents of Nick Lomax, Elliot Stevens, Leon Humphries, Dan Ives, Joe Atkinson, Sam Tuffnell, Dan Collins and special guests Chaz Sands & Erik Bailey.

Filmed by Ed Inglis, Adam Kola, Chaz Sands, Jake Eley, Sim Warren and Sam Tuffnell.

Directed and Edited by Ed Inglis. Dvd Available here.

Song: Clint Mansell – PiR2 (Pi soundtrack).
LoveScotland Tour: More Media.

Lovescotland Tour (Chapter 1): Noiya Jam

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

nick lomax

LocoSkates went out on the road this April (2011). Here is the edit of the Noiya Jam in Sheffield (we are aware this is not in Scotland!).

Featuring riders on the tour: Nick Lomax, Sam Tuffnell, Erik Bailey, Leon Humphries, Dan Ives, Dan Collins and Elliot Stevens (via).

Video Offine.

Noiya Jam: More Media2011 | 2010 | 2009.

2011 Winner: Nick Lomax (full results).
2010 Winner: Alex Burston (full results).

Loco Love Scotland Tour: Live Updates

Saturday, April 16th, 2011

love scotland tour

Edinburgh Saughton Park: Footage

Featuring Erik Bailey, Nick Lomax, Elliot Stevens, Joe Atkinson, Dan Ives & Leon Humphries.

Live Updates on Kingdom Mag. (via the forums).

Locoskates: Love Scotland Tour teaser

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

Here it is, it’s official. For the first time all together, the LocoSkates team will tour from 9th – 17th April 2011. We will be paying our friends north of the border a visit and touring Scotland. East Kilbride, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dumbarton along with a warm-up stop at the Noiya Jam in Sheffield on the 9th. See tour dates here.

We can also confirm Valo Pro Erik Bailey will be appearing throughout the tour as our guest. Elliot Stevens has just joined the Loco team and so will join fellow team riders Nick Lomax, Leon Humphries, Danny Ives, Sam Tuffnell and Joe Atkinson along with Loco flow riders Dan Collins, James Deans and Billy Doyle. Jenna Downing will join the tour on Weds 13th.