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La All Day (May 1, 2010): Inline Warehouse Edit

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

La All Day

Juan Mosqueda from Inline Warehouse heads down to the Santa Monica Boys & Girls Club to check out the May 1, 2010 LA ALL DAY contest. Ft Demetrious George And Dave Jones.

Photo: Thanks DaveyjSdSfRazors.

LA All Day Opener (May 1st 2010): Videos & Photos

Friday, May 7th, 2010

la all day

ONE @ LA All Day 2010 Event #1

The 2010 LA All Day season kicked-off this past Saturday, so ONE made the trip from SD to show support and hang out with the all-ages crowd these awesome grassroots events bring together.

Lots of little shredders rolling around the park — and plenty of full-bore shredders repping the advanced and elite divisions, earning WRS points. Here’s some of what we saw go down.

— ONE. Visit

Photos of this post: Efficiencyiskey.

Edit By Daniel Scarano:

la all day

Thanks DaveyjSdSfRazors.

New Grind Box Edit:

Thanks DaveyjSdSfRazors.

Check more pictures of the La All Day Event:
on Efficiencyiskey and Intuition.

La All Day: Santa Monica Edit

Monday, May 3rd, 2010

LA all day Rollerblading event. May 1st 2010 at the boys and girls club in Santa Monica. Hosted by Matt Mickey and Tracy White.

Track by GZA. Shout outs to Dem George, Anthony Williams, Anthony Luna, Jon Julio, Afro man aka Madlib, and everyone that came out to support Rollerblading. This edit is for You. Peace!

la all day

la all day


1st: Dave Jones
2nd: sean cowen
3rd: Garret

Some pictures of the event are availiable on Themgoods.
Thanks DaveyjSdSfRazors.

One Mag: Pics from LA All Day 2009 Finals + Results

Monday, November 16th, 2009

LA All Day 2009 Finals

Scott Moffat met up with ONE at the 2009 LA All Day series finals not only to shoot photos, but to blade in the Advanced division.

Long story short: he won, and is no longer allowed to skate Advanced… so next year check him out in the Elite Division. But we’re digressing.

Here’s a look at the action Scott captured last weekend in Santa Monica. If you weren’t there you missed some top-notch blading.

— ONE.

Check the Photos + Results on

LA All Day Finals: Edit + Results

Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

LA All Day Finals 2009 ; Shot by Daniel Scarano & Tanner Madix ; Edited by Daniel Scarano.

Featuring: CJ Wellsmore, Byron Snatchywaters, Jeremy Soderberg, Scott Moffat, Dylan Davis, David Jones, Anthony Luna, Connor O’Brien, Sean Cowen, Soichiro Kanashima.

L.A. All Day 2009 Point Results
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

1. Austin Moerke 3075
2. Milo Borsek 2800
3. Alex Musca 2550
4. Seth Gunewardena 2500
5. Ajani Bryant 2100

1. Nathan Genda 3100
2. Julian Budge 2850
3. Isaac Mercado 2000
4. Raymell Williams 2900
5. Jack Simmonds 2500

1. Scott Moffat 3700
2. Cameron Davis 3450
3. Gavin Livesey 2500
4. Robert Besabe 1950
5. Connor Garlic 1650

1. Rick Rodriguez 3850
2. Sean Cowen 3800
3. Shawn Rodriguez 3150
4. Anthony Luna 2750
5. Byron Snatchywaters 2700
6. Andrew Scherf 1975
7. Garret Kanter 1450
8. Kevin Moore 1450
9. Damon Franklin 1275
10. Matt Luda 1250

Complete Results on the Official LA All Day Website.

Soichiro Wins the LA All Day Finals

Monday, November 9th, 2009

soichiro kanashima

More of Soichiro Kanashima.

One: LA All Day: Pics by Scott Moffat

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

LA All Day

quoting Scott Moffat:

I made it down to Santa Monica last weekend and got some shots at the LA All Day, which was an awesome event, you should have been there!

Amazing skating went down in not only the Beginner division, but even the Intermediate, Advanced, and Elite.

Competitions like the LA All Day are so diverse in the level of skating, and that’s the way it needs to be!

There are little Groms out there skating their hearts out and looking up to the upper divisions with hopes and ambitions of the next year’s season. They are the future and people like Tracy White, Carlos Kessell, and Matt Mickey are fueling the fire of Rollerblading. […]

Check the LA All Day Photos on

LA All Day

LA All Day: June 20th, 2009 (Edit) + July 25th (Flyer)

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Edited By Daniel Scarano. Filmed By Tanner Madix and Daniel Scarano

Enlarge the July 25th Flyer, more on

LA All Day

LA Allday (June 2009): Edit & Photos

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Saturday June 20th 2009.

Filmed & Edited by Kasra Ghaharian.

Song: Bonobo – “Light Pattern”

Skating by: Iain McLeod, Jeremy Cloe, Tony Rivituso, Winston Wardell, Sean Cowen, Anthony Luna, Ben Schwab, Andrew Scherf, Brandon Giffen & Matt Luda.

Check some pictures of this LA All Day Event here.

LA Allday

One: LA All Day 2009, Report & Video

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

LA All Day

The second event of the 2009 LA All Day series went down on Saturday, and it was another great day for blading in sunny Santa Monica.

We’ll start at the end, when Sean Cowen, Ricky Rodriguez, Tony Rivituso and Jeremy Cloe were named the top four for the Elite division. The whole elite division ripped, but Cowen displayed his lengthly line prowess for the win with Rodriguez’s growing list of technical tricks propelling him to second.

Check out these shots of some of the sights around the event, and stay tuned for additional event photos and video coming soon. -ONE.

Check the One, LA All Day Report.

Canon Powershot LA All Day Edit:

Saturday’s LA All Day event gave JE the perfect opportunity to check out the HD video feature on his new Powershot SD960 IS pocket rocket. More.

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