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Frame Issue 2 (2016): International Extreme Sports Stars – Starring Andy Kruse & Konsta Kortteinen

Saturday, December 10th, 2016

Frame Issue 2 (2016):  International Extreme Sports Stars -  Starring Andy Kruse & Konsta Kortteinen

Frame Issue 2 presents: International Extreme Sports Stars. This film deals with the strong philosophy behind extreme sports from around the world: what makes a skater attempt seemingly impossible tricks over and over again?


Why is that in-line skater prepared to risk a hospital visit when trying to land that ludicrously difficult jump? Frame Issue 2 proves that the world is rife with people who have a burning desire to push beyond boundaries and limits while striving to motivate and inspire its viewers to get up off that couch and dare to implement their own dreams!

The film features hugely talented home-grown Extreme athletes such as Jyri Pitkanen, Finnish Skateboarding Champion (amongst many other awards). Jyris charm and natural acting skills have previously conquered the medium of Finnish televion (e.g, Nelonens’ PlayTV, CapturedTV and Busteri). Also featured is Multi-disciplined Championship Gold Medalist, Konsta Kortteinen, who has a long history in skating. Also featured are international talents such as, among others, in-line skating legend Andy Kruse (USA) and skateboarder Alex Lekinho (Brazil), the latter being known worldwide for his extremely high jumps.

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Andy Kruse – 5 on it: Clips by Konsta Kortteinen

Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Andy Kruse -  5 on it: Edit by Konsta Kortteinen

Long ago Kevin Dowling did a 5 trick edit of Tom Hyser for Footage Tape. When Andy Kruse saw that he wanted to film his tricks as a reply. Kevin got involved to other projects so he never had opportunity to finnish Andys. Well years later the clips finally see daylight. Enjoy Andy Kruse – 5 on it.Konsta Kortteinen.

Music: The Luniz – I Got 5 On It.

Konsta Kortteinen (30): Razors Flow Finland , Edit

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

This is a collection of past summers footage 2012-2014. Section was edited by Samu Hintsa.

Konsta Kortteinen (30): Razors Flow Finland , Edit

Dirty 30. Last autumn I turned thirty years and wanted to put out all footage that I had unpublished. Thank you for all the friends who stood behind the camera and to Samu for editing.

Previously: Konsta Kortteinen (Razors Flow, Finland): 2011 Edit.

Konsta Kortteinen (Razors Flow, Finland): 2011 Edit

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Konsta Kortteinen

A few clips put together by our buddy, Konsta Kortteinen, out of Helsinki, Finland. Always super positive and motivated, he’s constantly out pushing his scene in Finland and throughout Europe.

Photos: 01, 02.