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Josh Waggoner: 2013 Memorial Session

Tuesday, March 26th, 2013

Featuring old clips of Josh Waggoner throughout the years with music from Calm White Noise.

Josh Waggoner: 2013 Memorial Session

Skating from Patrick Andersen, Landon Jordan, Richard Williams, Wayne Engeron, Josh Appleton, Mark Catelotti and Drew Johnson.

Roll in Peace Brother Josh Waggoner. May 25, 1990 – Mar. 26, 2008.
Song: Calm White Noise – Cabin Fever.

Josh Waggoner Memorial Session 2012

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Roll in Paradise Josh Waggoner.
May 25, 1990 – Mar. 26, 2008.

Roll in Paradise Josh Waggoner

Monday, March 26th, 2012

4 years ago. RIP Josh Waggoner.

Roll in Paradise Josh Waggoner

March 2011 Repost. Photo: Coco Sanchez.

3.26.11 That saturday marked the third year that has passed since Josh Waggoner died. We All miss you man.

josh waggoner

Josh Waggoner: Two Years Ago (RIP)

Friday, March 26th, 2010

josh waggoner

Josh Waggoner Tribute Edit by Richard Williams

Two years ago, a real close friend of mine died doing what he loved most. I miss you man. R.I.P Josh Waggoner

My Best Friend Joshua Dale Waggoner was a positive spirit in this mundane world.

He was killed on March 26th, 2008, age 17, after attempting to grind a very steep handrail. […]

Remember Josh Waggoner: Atlanta edit

Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008

This is an edit that was made at the Starnes Brother’s house to remember Josh Waggoner. We Love you Josh.

Thanks Stefgnaz.

On the 26th of April 2008, there will be a Josh Waggoner Benefit Comp (larger flyer availiable here).

Josh Waggoner Benefit Comp

Memorial Fund for Josh Waggoner

Friday, April 4th, 2008

rip Josh Waggoner

A Paypal account is now accepting donations. All monies will be sent to the Waggoner/Massey Family to help with medical expenses, funeral costs, and day to day living expenses. I know we all want to help them as much as we can. Thank you so much for all you have done so far. I will update the post with a daily total so you all can see how much you have raised.

Paypal Link

If Paypal is not for you, the family is also accepting donations made in Josh Waggoner’s name at Life Link of Georgia, 3715 Northside Pkwy N.W., Atlanta, GA 30327.

Erin Hyser

1st Day total is almost $500. Thanks to all who donated.

Thanks Eric.

Josh Waggoner Memorial Edit by Richard Williams

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

Josh Waggoner

quoting Richard Williams:

My Best Friend Joshua Dale Waggoner was a positive spirit in this mundane world.

He was killed on March 26th, 2008, age 17, after attempting to grind a very steep handrail.

I hope in the deepest regions of my heart that people will realize that this sport is not just a game, but you are toying around with your life. In closing, be safe and WEAR YOUR HELMET EVERY TIME YOU SKATE.

Rest Easy my Brother.

This video was played at Josh Waggoner’s funeral.

Erin Hyser is trying to raise funds for Josh Waggoner’s Family, read more about it here.

Josh Waggoner Memorial Edit

Monday, March 31st, 2008

Josh Waggoner

Joshua Waggoner RIP.
Thanks David.

Joshua Waggoner RIP

Friday, March 28th, 2008

Joshua Waggoner RIP

Sad news today: Joshua Waggoner is dead. People from everywhere sent me emails about it, so RIP Joshua ; our thoughts are with your family & friends.

quoting Austin C. :

I thought that it should be announced that Josh Waggoner has passed away today.

Suffered major brain damage wednesday evening around 4pm. This rollerblader had big things coming. Ask anyone in the south. C’mon guys. Ill keep you posted on funeral dates and such if anyone can attend.

quoting John Kelso :

I don’t know if you have heard yet but my good friend Josh Waggoner died last night after hitting his head trying a rail.

He was a dear friend to all of us. I don’t really want to go into all the details…I think people put up details all over be-mag..but he should just be honored here, or in some way…

I guess that was all I wanted to say.

John Kelso.

Update and Info on Josh Waggoner – Erin Hyser 3.27.08
Be-mag Thread.

I am terribly and undescribeably sad. Most of you have seen, met or know very well our dear friend Josh Waggoner. Yesterday afternoon at about 2:30pm Josh fell while street skating. His best friend, Wayne Engeron, was with him. The fall was to his ribs first and then Josh hit his head. He was immediately knocked unconcious. We got the phone call from Richard Williams at about 3:30pm and gathered our kids to head to the hospital for what we thought was a concussion. Upon arriving to the hospital we found out from Josh’s mom, Vicki, the severity of the situation was far worse. I stayed at the hospital with about 100 of Josh’s closest friends and family. We were allowed to visit him 3 at a time. The night dragged on. Spirits began to rise as we all told each other this could not be Josh’s time.

At about 1:00am Josh’s family, Wayne and Josh’s girlfriend were called back to meet with his doctor. There was a devastating silence in the waiting room. Finally, about 10 minutes later a hospital patient representative came into the room and told us the most unfortunate news we never wanted to hear. Josh is not going to make it. His brain was damaged beyond repair. He continues to be on life support while the family makes preparations for organ donation.

Never in a million years did I want to have to write something like this. My heart aches. My eyes sting. My mind cannot seem to wrap around the magnitude of losing such a sweet and loving young person.

We love you Josh!

Erin Hyser

On Behalf of the Skatepile Family

Post subject: Josh Update – Erin Hyser 3.27.08 Post Hospital:

Dearest Friends,

Today is one of our most challenging yet. We said our final goodbye’s to THE nicest young man in the world. Josh is preparing for surgery to donate his organs to others in need. Just the way we would expect Josh to go. Still giving life.

Funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. I will post them on when they are available. His mom, Vicki, mentioned Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Josh leaves behind 100’s of friends, his mom Vicki, dad Jay, stepfather Eric, brother Brent, sisters Ashely and Allison, and a huge extended family of aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, and cousins.

Please keep Josh, his friends and family in your prayers.

Erin Hyser
On Behalf of the Family and Friends

Arrangements for Josh Waggoner:

quoting Eric Hyser:

Hi everyone.

I just spoke with Vicki, Josh’s mom. Here are the arrangements for Josh.

Today and tomorrow, Saturday March 29th and Sunday the 30th, they are having a viewing. This is basically a time to come by and visit Josh. The viewing will be from 1pm – 8pm both days. It will be at the Tim Stewart Funeral Home. 300 Simonton Road is the address.

The funeral will be on Monday the 31st at 11am. The service will be held at Hebron Baptist Church in Dacula. 202 Hebron Church Road is the address.

Vicki has asked that we all wear our regular day-to-day clothes. Preferably jeans and a skate related t-shirt. She also mentioned the outfit they have chosen for Josh: Vibralux Jeans, Never Not Skating T-shirt and Jacket, Nike’s and ball cap. Definitely Josh.

I know we are all grieving this loss. Every day is a challenge right now. Be with friends and support each other. Remember we are all going to grieve differently. Be kind to everyone, and don’t judge those not grieving the way you are. I love you all!!!

Heavy hearted,

Erin Hyser

Richard Williams & Josh Waggoner : 2 edits

Wednesday, April 18th, 2007

Richard at Mill Creek High :

20 min at Mill Creek :

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