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Aaron Feinberg: Inri The Rebirth, Raw Clips by Jonathan Roulston. Video Back Online!

Sunday, February 5th, 2012

Clips filmed by Jonathan Roulston for the INRI Rebirth Dvd. This video was first uploaded by Inri in July 2010 and then removed. Enjoy!

Aaron Feinberg: Inri Section

Quoting Jonathan Roulston:

I was never given credit in the video, so now I’m releasing the footy for you guys to do what you want with them.

Inri The Rebirth, more sections: Billy O’Neill, Julian Bah, Byron Waters, Sean Sea, Hayden Ball, Paul John | Visit

Can’t rollerblade without a beanie

Monday, October 24th, 2011

Can't rollerblade without a beanie

Edit by Jonathan Roulston (Seattle Skaters). “I bought a Canon 7D in August of 2010. Since then I have been using it to film sessions regularly. This is a video documenting the sessions I’ve been to in the past year.”

Featuring JT Truitt, Gavin Fitch, Zach Smith, Josiah Blee, Shain Lapointe, Brandon Kindle, Ian Poss, Sean Donahue, Dustin Jamieson, Leon Basin & Aaron Feinberg!

Lenses: Canon 35mm F/1.4, Canon 50mm F/1.2, Sigma 8mm F/3.5.

Jeremy Townsend: Skatebarn Sessions by Jonathan Roulston

Monday, December 7th, 2009

I spent three nights filming a well-known name and figure among the Seattle Skaters. When all was said and done I had a little over 100 quality clips to narrow down.

Jeremy Townsend

Jeremy is an interesting person to watch, and a frustrating person to film. He charges everything at the max speed. It’s hard to be prepared for him, which often begs the question from others, “Did he just do that?” For myself, I question, “Why didn’t I press record?”

It’s not hard to get the answers to these questions though, because not only is he fast, Jeremy never stops skating. He is a trick machine. There’s not telling what wild hair is in him that particular day. – Jonathan Roulston.

Thanks Roulston Jonathan.