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Jon Elliott: Mindgame – Brain Fear Gone (2000)

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

Jon Elliott: Mindgame - Brain Fear Gone (2000)

Music: Pink Floyd – Time.
Mindgame – Brain Fear Gone (2000): Full Video.

Mindgame: Brain Fear Gone (2000), Full Video

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015

2011 Repost.

brain fear gone

Profiles of Dustin Latimer, Jon Elliott, Brian Shima, Omar Wysong and Aaron Feinberg.

Other tricks from the likes of Arlo Eisenberg, Robert Lievanos, Brooke Howard Smith, BJ Bernhart, Eric Schrijn, Fridolin Eelbo, Louie Zamora, Murda, Dom Sagona and many more.

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  • Intro: DJ Shadow – What Does Your Soul Look Like (pt.2)
  • Jon Elliott: Pink Floyd – Time
  • Omar Wysong: Krayzie Bone feat. Snoop Dogg – The War iz On
  • Friends: Michael Jackson – Billy Jean
  • Brian Shima 1: Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers – Last Dance w/ Mary Jane
  • Brian Shima 2: Nirvana – Something in the Way
  • Crashes: Mott the Hoople – All the Young Dudes
  • Dustin Latimer 1: Cirque Du Soleil – Rumeurs
  • Dustin Latimer 2: Cirque Du Soleil – Ombra
  • Aaron Feinberg: Foreigner – Juke Box Hero

Jon Elliott: Razors Uncloned (2001) Section

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

May 2009 Repost.

jon eliott

Uncloned is the 2001 Razors team video, produced by Beau Cottington. More Uncloned sections.

Song: The White Stripes – Hello Operator.

Jon Elliott talks Ground Control

Tuesday, December 13th, 2011

Jon Elliott talks Ground Control

So Ground Control has been around for a decade. What do you hope skaters think of when they hear the name Ground Control and what does Ground Control mean to you?

Hopefully they have fond memories of frames that didn’t snap the first week they rode them. When I hear “Ground Control” I think of the good times I’ve had with friends. All of the sessions where I was able to witness the evolution of skating right in front of me. […]

Full Jon Elliot interview on
Interview by Ben Rogers ; photo by Jon Elliott.

Ground Control: Team Video (Summer 2011), Teaser

Saturday, January 8th, 2011

Coming Summer 2011 ; An Outlook Films Production. Director: Simon Mulvaney ; Assistant Director: Chaz Sands ; Producer: Jon Elliot.

ground control

About Ground Control

Ground Control was founded by Jon Elliott in the year 2000. Jon was one of the top skaters at the time and his tall body size and heavier weight put a lot of strain on existing frame designs.

His vision was to develop the strongest and most durable frames in the industry. The first frames hit stores in summer 2001 and featured signature design elements that are still leading in the industry today. More.

jon elliott

Ground Control Team Pictures on

UN.CLONED: Robert Lievanos & Jon Elliot Sections

Monday, May 18th, 2009


2001 razors team video.

DBV4 Quatro (2001): Elliott / Stockwell / Haffey

Wednesday, February 7th, 2007

Jon Elliott, Jeff Stockwell, Chris Haffey.
Produced by Jan Welch for Daily Bread Magazine. Posted by xgreenxcloverx.

Jon Elliot & Razors : Skates Retrospective

Monday, November 6th, 2006

jon elliot

Inmag posted an article about Jon Elliot and his Razors pro-models :

Jon Elliot is one of this guys who will be remembered forever. One of the first Pro who was not an american and a true rollling legend.

Nowadays there is a lot of talking about this new rockn roll trend among rollerbladers. Tight pants, small tshirts and long hairs have become the top subject. More and more people who were recognized by their super wide and lose clothes have changed their style completely, sometimes misnamed as punk style.

But what Jon Elliot has to do with it? Well, Jon was the first person who introduced so called rock style in rollerblading and influenced many of us, thought there were and still are plenty of people who hate it. Jackets, ties, classic rock music used in profiles Jon’s style gradualy have become popular, it is no shock for anybody right now. […]


razors jon elliot

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