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John Stephens: FlipTheScript Mini-View

Monday, October 31st, 2011

John Stephens


Art of Rolling: Website + John Stephens Bonus

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

art of rolling

Art of Rolling Magazine is proud to announce the release of our new website! As you all may know, New York City has been emerging in the skating scene as a center for freestyle rolling and a powerful network for skaters worldwide. With the help of web master Marcus Oliveira, we have constructed a user friendly website that allows instantaneous access to New York City’s best freestyle rolling talent. With updates on AOR’s on goings in preparation for each issue, we allow our viewers exclusive access to photos and video of the action before it is released in our magazine.

We also give our viewers free access to all AOR’s past issues as well as featured articles that are exclusive only to Art of Rolling Magazine. On top of all this, we also allow access to our newest branch of Art of Rolling Finger Skates on our finger skate website where you can purchase your very own AOR Fingerskates. Essentially, our new Art of Rolling Magazine website will give you first dibs on New York’s growing influence in the industry and the skaters who make that happen!

Bonus: John Stephens huge 3 trick line in the Bronx

Getting out to the Bronx is no easy task but when ever John Stephens says he has a stunt in mind, We try our best to make it out there and get some coverage.

With Ramelle Knight and Ralphy Herrera with him i couldnt have asked for a better team. They gave John the support he needed in order to pull 3 crazy stunts into one line.

Anyone who has been to the Bronx knows about the steep stair cases out there. John showed no fear and rode down the stairs like he was on a ski slope. We mange to put a mini edit of the line, But keep tuned to issue 7 for full picture coverage of the day.

An Afternoon with Mr Stephens & Art of Rolling

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

john stephens

First and Foremost Rest In Peace to John’s Dad, “Hollywood”, who passed recently…

This was filmed in the Bronx during Angelo’s Art of Rolling Magazine Photoshoot. Check out John on page 35 as well as Ramelle Knight’s interview and cover shot in Issue 4.

*Issue 5 is out now featuring Kelly Matthews, Joe Dedentro, Rawlingson Rivera, Ray Mendez, Ron Hunter & Jose Disla.

Check the Video in HD Streaming.
Via IrollNY.

Dipskate: John Stephens Profile

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

John Stephens
up: John Stephens / DipSkate in Trace Magazine, Issue 78.

Dipskate’s John Stephens, born & raised in The Bronx, repping b unique clothing, Flat Line Sk8 Shop.

Filmed between 2007 and 2008 in the Bronx and Manhattan. Shot with the Sony PD-170, Canon GL2, XL2, and XHA1.

up: DipSkate in Swet Magazine.