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Joep van den Beuken (17): Riot 2015 Clips

Thursday, October 8th, 2015

Two days in Limburg (The Netherlands) with Joep van den Beuken. Filmed and edited by Levi van Rijn. DONT DO DRUGS.

Joep van den Beuken  (17): Riot | 2015 Clips

Previously: Levi and Joep do Paris dutch style (2015).

Levi and Joep do Paris dutch style (2015)

Tuesday, August 18th, 2015

A few weeks ago Levi Van Rijn and I were talking about making a profile and since i am living in Paris for a while why not visit this city with endless spots.Cavin Brinkman.

Levi and Joep do Paris dutch style (2015)

Levi was down for the plan and asked if it was okay if Joep van den Beuken (from Venlo) could join. I didn’t knew Joep really so i said “only if he produces clips”. Levi promised me he would.

So a bus got booked, a fouled up bike got borrowed (and sadly also stolen) and the 2 boys where of on a adventure to the city of love. Skaters that have filmed with me in the past know i don’t fool around when i want clips so the boys where in for a surprise. For weeks i was already sending them photos of spots i found.

Little did they know that all the best spots in Paris are located in the sometimes ghetto suburbs and that we had to bike a lot. The first two days the temperatures went up to sometimes 38 degrees but the fire poles where open so on every street corner there was a cold shower.

Also featuring Elliot Amour. Shot half on a iphone 5 and half with a sony HDR-FX1E.