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Imagine Blade Shun by Dustin Werbinski: Full Video

Friday, July 19th, 2013

Simply, it’s a canadian skate video. Shot in 2009-2010 and is just now being released in 2013.

Imagine Blade Shun

It focuses on the individual perspectives & imaginations of Todd McInerney, Leon Basin & Dustin Werbeski along with other creative canadian friends like Matt Ledoux, Sean Knight, Shaun Unwin, Danny Beer & Josh Silver, just to name a few.

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Imagine Blade Shun by Dustin Werbinski: Out Now!

Saturday, April 6th, 2013

Imagine Blade Shun

Imagine Blade Shun is finally released. $5 at Shop-Task.
Starring Leon Basin, Todd Mcinerney & Dustin Werbinski.

Video Offline.

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Mushroom Blading: How to be Unpopular

Mushroom Blading: How to be Unpopular #136

Joey Mcgarry talks about Imagine Blade Shun and plays a recorded phone conversation between Leon Basin, Dustin Werbinski & Todd Mcinerney from 2010 about the first trailer.

Mp3 download (64 mb) | Mushroom Blading’s Podcast on Itunes.

Imagine Blade Trip: The Alouette Reservoir

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

The Alouette Reservoir

Thursday, March 18th 2010, around 11:37pm… As I became more and more entangled in the web of the web I had created. Constructed by internet page on top of internet page, housing tabs after tabs of images and information, all being studied in attempts to gain knowledge and inspiration.

It all seemed so routine and uneventful at the time, but at that moment, I would have no idea that I would be taking the beginning steps, to an Imagine Blade Trip into the most surreal skate spot I had ever seen / skated. […]

Check the full Imagine Blade Trip: The Alouette Reservoir Article.

The Alouette Reservoir
Thanks Leon Basin.

Imagine Blade Shun (Dvd, Canada): Trailers

Tuesday, March 30th, 2010

Imagine Blading is the art of being able to see or view the current physical world, in the moment and in a way that will spark imagination in creating any unique, original or creative rollerblading “trick” ideas.


Desirably pushing the physical and mental limits of the blader performing in their playground, ideally the dense active streets of any major city where the endless possibilities of incorporation, improvisation, imagination, and instincts allow the unpredictable, the magic.

Trailer 1

Throughout the summer and fall of 2009, as all of the Canadian rollerbladers enjoyed their usual peak season sessions. A select few so distant and different in many ways, including their views on this activity, which they had all shared and loved for so long. Were documenting themselves for what would unknowingly become a collaboration of Canadas most unique talents and perspectives within rollerblading.

As winter arrived with its coats of snow covering most of Canada, these three would at last find themselves together in the same winter-free city of Vancouver BC. Though each of them would be on their own paths with their own intended destinations, the convergence of such styles and minds as Todd McInerney, Leon Basin and Dustin Werbeski would finally come to create the idea of Imagine-Blading.


Todd McInerney Personal Teaser

The video being presented is not something new, well in many senses it is, but it is merely the simple realization of a subtle characteristic within all rollerbladers, made obvious through the contrast created by the combination of such views.

Personal views which make it clear that everyone perceives and expresses their own interpretation of the same world through their own styles of rollerblading. The result of such would be the title as you see here. IMAGINE BLADE SHUN.


Leon Basin Personal Teaser

“I felt a sense of freedom watching the trailer. The feeling I get when I throw on my skates on a sunny afternoon, close to the feeling you get in a dream where you remember how to fly…

In an urban environment, Inline skates are a tool of human liberation, because they free us from constraining forces of friction while allowing freedom of movement. Bikes give even more freedom from friction and allow more efficient transfer of human energy, but they constrain movement.

Skateboards are not bound to the feet, but are less efficient than rollerblades in the transfer of human energy to motion and extraordinarily difficult to maneuver. The freedom I’m talking about is the maximization of personal kinetic expression in a sea of concrete. I see a celebration of this in your video.”

-Chris Neima


Dustin Werbeski Personal Teaser

Perspective on Rollerblading: “I see skating as the perfect medium for self expression, creativity, and exercise of both the body and mind. I have done it long enough, that most of my personal development and experiences have either been directly because of, or greatly influenced by such an enjoyable sport.

Although I rarely do view it as a sport, for I have no rules or standards to meet, but as an art form measured by the pleasure I get from these wheels under my feet. 10 years deep at 23, I see my many years of blading to come, to be, quite enjoyably.”

-Dustin Werbeski