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Jesse Soda (Columbus, Ohio): Edit by Hawke Trackler

Monday, June 9th, 2014

Jesse Soda (19): Edit by Hawke Trackler

Delta City Open 2014: Edit by Hawke Trackler

Sunday, June 8th, 2014

4th edition of the Delta City Open (Detroit).

Delta City Open 2014: Edit by Hawke Trackler

Detroit is a different type of place to visit, like honestly if your not prepared to see some shit you might get culture shock.

Now to hold a street contest is a whole other kind of beast. It’s still to this day one of the scariest looking cities I’ve been to but has such a awesome and strong skating scene. Great times were had this year at the 4th DCO as usual.Hawke Trackler.

Huge Photo Gallery on | Visit


  1. Adam Bazydlo
  2. Travis Rhodes
  3. Luke Naylor

Cruisin 4 A Bruisin by Hawke Trackler: Trailer

Friday, May 16th, 2014

Cruisin 4 A Bruisin by Hawke Trackler: Trailer

Cruisin 4 A Bruisin is a new online rollerblade video I have been filming for with the homies.Hawke Trackler.

Featuring Sections on Kyle Wood, Ben Poling, Stefan Brandow, Jimmy Spetz, Matt Lyon, Jesse Soda, Hawke Trackler, Greg Preston, Cody Reffner & Bradley Wilson.

Detroit by Hawke Trackler: Welcome To The D

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Detroid by Hawke Trackler: Welcome To The D

Welcome To The D is a 7 minute recap edit of some of my favorite clips and shots I have filmed over the last couple years in Detroit Michigan.

It has clips from sessions with local rollerbladers and from when I have visited but also shows tricks that happened at past competitions like Bitter Cold Showdown & Delta City Open.

When walking around and looking I feel its almost like a war zone for amazing things that have happened throughout time so this is dedicated to Detroit and some of the interesting things I have had the pleasure of being able to document.Hawke Trackler.

Featuring Jake Cawley, Mikey Blair, Brandon Long, Joe Hawkey, Brett Urbas, Garret Mitschelen, Montre Livingston, Travis Rhodes, Sylvain Chaussee, Jon Fromm, Chynna Weierstall, Aaron Pyle, Keegan Jacko, Reed Huston, Alex Hancook, Theo Partin and Wake Schepman.

Music: D12 – Devils Night, Chad Kush – Detroit Rap City. LONG LIFE TO THE QUEEN.

Stefan Brandow: Scribe Park Edit by Hawke Trackler

Thursday, February 20th, 2014

Stefan Brandow: Scribe Park Edit by Hawke Trackler

If you live in the midwest, scratch that. If you live in this Polar Vortex of the United States this year you are having issues street skating.

When you get stuck in this situation, you typically find yourself at any skatepark, indoor warehouse, parking garage, whatever you can find that has shelter, and gives you the ability to roll and blade.

Enjoy Stefan Brandow shredding some ramps during the tundras of the Winter solace. – Scribe Industries.

Song: Painted Ship – Frustration. Visit

Shane Conn: 2013 Section by Hawke Trackler

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Shane Conn from Pittsburgh PA.

Shane Conn: 2013 Section by Hawke Trackler

Kyle Wood: 2013 Summer Section by Hawke Trackler

Saturday, September 21st, 2013

Kyle Wood is 24 years old from Columbus Ohio. Kyle and myself have been filming together for a very long time and have put out a lot of sections, edits, videos and so on. Its always fun and challenging to making a full blading section but I like how this one turned out.

Thanks to everyone who have watched and supported Kyle and his skating over the years. He is very talented, well rounded and loves blading so its awesome to present you with another new section of him. Enjoy.Hawke Trackler.

Song: Jet Life – Blow Up.


You’re Killing Me Smalls by Hawke Trackler

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

An online blade video themed after the baseball movie The Sandlot. I filmed and made this video for my friends but mostly made it for fun.

There are 3 sections in the video with all clips of my homies and funny parts from the film. I used mostly alot of the songs from the actual movie to give it the same good vibe. – HT.

Intro featuring Kyle Wood, Bradley Wilson, Ryan Sibbio, Jimmy Spetz, Brent Hopkins, Reed Huston, Brandon Long, John Ritter, Ben Poling, Jesse Soda & Shane Conn.

Montage featuring Bradley Wilson, Stefan Brandow, Ryan Sibbio, Greg Preston, Chynna Weierstall, Taylor Ritchie, Ben Poling, Carson Starnes, Cody Reffner, Sylvain Chaussee, Devon Carpenter & Brandon Long.

Beast featuring Chris Smith, Brandon Long, Kyle Wood, Ryan Sibbio, Bradley Wilson, Alex Paplios, Zane Cook, Kenny Shawver, Jesse Soda, Cody Reffner, Theo Partin, Stefan Brandow & Reed Huston.

James Short Memorial Session 2013 by Hawke Trackler

Tuesday, August 27th, 2013

James Short Memorial Session 2013 by Hawke Trackler

Aaron Pyle: 2013 Summer Adapt Section

Saturday, July 13th, 2013

Aaron Pyle: 2013 Summer Adapt Section

Aaron Pyle thinking outside the box and showing his unique style of skating in his new 2013 summer profile for Adapt.

Filmed & edited by Hawke Trackler, additional filming by Jeff Crays.
Songs: Wax Tailor – sit & listen, The Hex Dispensers – evil eye. Visit

Hawke Trackler: Summer 2013 Section

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

It’s been along time since I have put out a rollerblading section I was truly proud of.

Hawke Trackler: Summer 2013 Section

I have never been the best at blading and mostly just stuck to filming it over the past years but after a few really serious medical issues came into play during this past winter I realized I never really put out something where I enjoyed every trick I did in the section so I decided I at least needed one.

I set out to try some spots and tricks I usually cant do or wouldnt do or never really pushed myself to try so here it is. Also thanks to everyone who helped film me for this because it is much appreciated.Hawke Trackler.

Song: Aesop Rock – 1000 O’Clock.

Kyle Wood: 2013 Section by Hawke Trackler

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

Kyle Wood: 2013 Section by Hawke Trackler

Song: Currency – 17.5 Cannon.
Previously: Kyle Wood, 2012 Smoke Section by Hawke Trackler.

The Delta City Open 2013: Edit by Hawke Trackler

Thursday, May 30th, 2013

The past 2 Delta City Open street competitions were a great time and awesome blading went down so I decided to go again this year.

The Delta City Open 2013

Besides just filming the competition I wanted to also document some of Detroit and surrounding areas because beyond the skating scene being very alive there are parts of the city that are very dead.Hawke Trackler.

Featuring Garret Mitschelen, Travis Rhodes, Brett Urbas, Michael Blair, Brandon Long, Aaron Pyle. Jake Cawley, Taylor Ritchie, Joe Hawkey & Austin Loomis.

The Delta City Open 2013


  1. Brett Urbas
  2. Travis Rhodes
  3. Garret Mitschelen, Michael Blair

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