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Gladiator Contest V (2010, France): DSP Edit + Photos

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

DSP posted an edit of the Gladiator Contest V, which took place in Nantes (France) in march 2010. Filmed by Mathias Silhan & DSP.

gladiator contest

Frenchy Fries was at the Gladiator Contest V, take a look at their photo gallery of the event.

gladiator contest
up: Roman Abrate by Greg Mirzoyan.

Antony Pottier & Roman Abrate @ Gladiator contest X

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Antony Pottier & Roman Abrate @ Gladiator contest X

Razors news presents: a Razors podcast with Antony Pottier, Roman Abrate and more at the Gladiator contest (Le hangar ; Nantes, France). Congrats to Roman for his second place.


Gladiator contest V (France, WRS***) by Amaury Dupas

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Gladiator contest V


Thanks Cedric Duchemin.

Julien Cudot: 1st place @ Gladiator Contest V (France)

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

A sunday with Julien Cudot. Tricks from the Gladiator Competition‘s semi final and finals, at the Hangar Skatepark in Nantes (France).

A WRS 3 stars event. Congratulations to Julien.

gladiator contest


1: Julien Cudot
2: Roman Abrate
3: Romain Godenaire
4: Stephane Alfano
5: Dave Lang

1: Louis Soares
2: Jeremy Melique
3: Adrien Clairaz

1: Manon Derrien
2: Mathilde Monneron
3: Heloise Hulin

1: Anthony Avella
2: Stephane Chotard
3: Lamine Fathi
4: Kevin Quintin
5: Davide Giannoni

Thanks Manulocus Bordeaux.