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The Regina Monologues (2006-2007) by Dustin Werbeski

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

The Regina Monologues

Filmed in 2006-2007, edited in 2008, released in 2009.

Black Bandit Media Family: Dinner (Full Video)

Friday, December 30th, 2011

 Black Bandit Media family: Dinner

The Black Bandit Media family is relatively normal, except for one thing: they rollerskate. MVP Casey Geraghty, trying to balance college and the roller-hockey season.

Nick Taylor, the zany chef that may or may not have his green card. Mark “the shark” Rosen’s football scholarship will get him to Stanford, if he can only stop his pranks.

A genius and klutz Drew Amato makes some really weird inventions while driving the family insane. Mike Dempsey‘s “Ricky Martin attitude” has the ladies swooning. Mark Golembeski, former Golf professional, lost his game after winning the Masters ten years ago and is now struggling to find his sanity.

Mike Riccitelli, their crazy cousin living in Uzbekistan, has found a wife and kids to call his own. John Lyke doesn’t know how or why this crazy group of twenty year olds are living in his house, but he does know one thing… Family comes first.

Casey Geraghty

A washed up Big Wave surfer dreams of the perfect swell, but finds himself land bound when his Military father is transfered from Hawaii to Connecticut.

Casey Geraghty soon learns to adapt to his new surroundings by surfing “street style,” riding whatever concrete waves he can find. With his carefree attitude Casey certainly “plays by his own rules.” His stylish maneuvers soon catch the eye of Head Cheerleader Lauren Hood.

Casey’s section is filled with life lessons, and packed non stop blading action.

Nick Taylor, Zach Smith, Andrew Smolak
Song: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Conscience Killer.

Culinary Master Nick Taylor blends together his favorite herbs and spices to serve you a medley of tricks and maneuvers. After suffering from a severe ankle injury, Nick started his blade season late, but still managed to cook up a monster section.

He teamed up with two fellow cuisine experts, Zach Smith and Andrew Smolak, who came packed with their own abundance of seasonings. Get your stupid faces ready for a super tasty meal!

Mike Dempsey

A mild-mannered Connecticut boy is forced to move from his native state to Los Angeles, California, where he is desperately tries to fit in with the local crowd.

What he finds are a bunch of karate punks who want to make his life miserable. Luckily, a Japanese handyman named Keusuke Miyagi comes to his aid. Through painting fences and waxing cars Mike Dempsey masters the ancient art of karate.

Watch to see what happens, as Mike Dempsey attempts to devour everything in sight with his raw power and skill. Filmers: Mark Golembeski, Mark Rosen, John Lyke, Mike Riccitelli, Brandon Negrete.

John Lyke
Songs: George Thorogood & The Destroy – Bad to the Bone ; Summercamp – Down ; Chinatown – Kitten.

With a new haircut, new blades, and tasty attitude, New York City Detective John Lyke has just arrived in Los Angeles to spend Christmas with his wife.

Unfortunatly, it is not going to be a Merry Christmas for everyone. A group of terrorists, led by Hans Gruber is holding everyone in the Nakatomi Plaza building hostage.

With no way of anyone getting in or out. The F.B.I. are called in to survey the situation, but John Lyke has other plans for the terrorists. He’s an easy guy to like… but a hard man to kill.

Filmed by: Mark Golembeski, Mike Dempsey, Casey Geraghty, Marie Hebert, Mark Rosen, and Phil Hebert.

Bonus Edit

Honey Baked (2010): Full Video

Sunday, December 25th, 2011

Honey Baked

Honey Baked, a bladeflick filmed in 2010 by Malcolm Heard & Dylan Davis (Trailer + Bonus Edit).

Featuring Thinh Le, Dan Leifield, Dylan Davis, Strange Creatures, Quinn Barnett, Adam Exline, Nick Labarre and Brian Bina.

Honey Baked


Daily Bread DBV1 (Transcend, 1998) by Beau Cottington

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

Daily Bread DBV1 - Transcend (1998) by Beau Cottington

Beau Cottington‘s first full skating video, VHS release. Shot mainly on a Canon XL-1 and edited on a rented Media 100 system.

February 2007 Repost.

Demode by Carl Sturgess & Jeff Stockwell (2004)

Friday, December 2nd, 2011

Demode by Carl Sturgess & Jeff Stockwell (2004)

Courtesy of

  • Opener: Why? – Teeth Behind Kisses (Live album).
  • Chris Haffey: Themselves – Mouthful.
  • Montage 1: The Strokes – 1251.
  • Marcus Benavides: Buck65 – Phil (Live).
  • Iain Mcleod: Dug – Swells Of Ohio part 1, Odd Nos Dam – track 15, Odd Nos Dam – track 2, DJ Shadow – Disavowed, DJ Signify – Peek’ a Boo (Part 2).
  • Montage 2: The Vue – Look Out For Traffic.
  • Damien Wilson: Radio Head – Climbing Up The Walls.
  • Lyle Shivak: Alias – Caged In, Wasting Away.
  • Montage 3: Ima Robot – Philosiphophy.
  • Colin Mcleod: Boom Bip – Awaiting An Accident, Placebo – Every Me and Every you (Sneaker Pimps remix).
  • Credits: Modest Mouse – The Ocean Breathes Salty.
  • B-roll: Alex Boyd – Untitled (Live).
  • Old Skewl Edit: Oasis – Do You Know What I Mean.
  • Marcus Benavides 2: Sixtoo – Fear of Flying, Sixtoo – Baroque.

10th Annual Hoedown (2006): Full Video

Saturday, October 29th, 2011

10th Annual Hoedown (2006)

Hoedown (2006) by Jason Reyna (Rolling Mission)
2006 Winner: Brian Aragon (full results).

After a decade, the Hoedown continues to demonstrate why it is the premiere contest in the world to attend for any street skater.

2006 attracted competitors from all over the world, making for an interesting Final 5 Showdown. When you have the worlds best together, judging one another, they will inevitably push one another to higher levels.

Watch as each heat of skaters destroy the Eisenbergs Skatepark and how the next heat is forced to go even bigger just to stay in the contest.

Hoedown: Time Machine
2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007 | 2006 | 2005.

2011 Winner: John Sullivan.
2010 Winner: CJ Wellsmore (full results).
2009 Winner: CJ Wellsmore (full results).
2008 Winner: David Sizemore (full results).
2007 Winner: Chris Haffey (full results).
2006 Winner: Brian Aragon (full results).
2005 Winner: Erik Bailey (full results).

Daily Bread: Forest Fire by Beau Cottington (1998)

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

March 11th, 2009 Repost.

Forest Fire

Daily Bread Video. Filmed Edited & Directed By: Beau Cottington.

Profiles On: Troy White, Santiago Azpurua, And Dominic Sagona.

Along With: Champion Baumstimler, Cory Casey, Jon Elliott, Abdiel Colberg, Louie Zamora, Eric Schrijn, Robert Lievanos, Brian Shima, Jimmy Shuda, Josh Petty, Vinny Minton, Shawn Robertson, Randy Spizer, Drew Bachrach and many others.

US by Brandon Negrete : Full Video online

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

January 24th, 2008 Repost.

Chris Farmer: US Profile by Brandon Negrete

chris farmer

US : check this video by Brandon Negrete.
(13 parts, 2 pages). Thanks Jake Hayes.

Featuring Ian Mcleod, Chris Haffey, Jeff Stockwell , Ryan Northway & more!

Chris Haffey: US Section by Brandon Negrete

Jeff/Friends/Stockwell by Brandon Negrete

Ryan Northway: US Section by Brandon Negrete

Imyta 2000-2001, Final Four: Full Video

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

Imyta Final Four

This is history in the making! Say what you want, but the I Match Your Trick Association is breaking the mold of how to have a street competition. Let the crowd decide the winner, there are no rules, and whatever happens happens.

“Time is money” is something that will be defined down to the very last trick. This Special edition will be a priceless addition to your video shelf. The memories and moments are all caught on film for a rare time capsule. The first competition nut was cracked at the infamous Embarcadero during the 2000 X Games.

Eric Schrijn melted into a sea of onlookers at the bottom of the Hyatt rail. Magic Struck in Bercy, France as a capacity crowd cheered Shima onto the champagne alley with his superhuman ending trick. Detroit Rock City was all about Rob Guererro crushing his way through to the crown.

Finally Josh Petty takes advantage of a little hometown turn in Esco for a grand finale and emotional win. This part would not be complete without a full circle end all IMYTA – The Final Four. This one was held right in Jon Julio’s backyard of San Jose, California.

Directors: Jon Julio and Dave Paine.

SF Showdown

Senate: Baking Cookies (1993)

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

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