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Nokia Fise 2006, Official Dvd : Review

Monday, January 15th, 2007

nokia fise dvd with an erik bailey poster

Here is the Nokia Fise 2006 official Dvd. The dvd is pretty good and features a rollerblading street plus ramp edit ; in bonus you even got a street profile of the french legend Wilfried Rossignol.

8 posters are offered with the dvd and take a look above, Erik Bailey was featured for the rollerblading one. Of course as usual for the Fise, other extreme sports are featured (bmx, motorbike, skateboard, …).

jon julio

About the dvd : the language used in french, but there is an english dubbing for the dvd (not sure about the technical term, but the volume of the french language is lowered while an english voice translate at the same time).

The dvd is a kind of reportage and is really better than the previous year ; some riders like Wilfried Rossignol, Taig Khris, Jon Julio and others are interviewed.

wilfried rossignol

If you’re interestested you can purchase the dvd online for 10 euros (shipping included but i’m not sure they ship worldwide).

Nokia Fise Related News :

Discover the Dvd in pictures :

Dvd Interface :

nokia fise

nokia fise

nokia fise
up : Dvd Content

taig khris
up : Taig Khris / Ramp Dudes

nokia fise
up : Camera Boys / Sven Boekhorst, Skating the vert

nokia fise : Julien Cudot, Lamine Fathi
up : Lamine Fathi, Julien Cudot and others…

Wilfried Rossignol, Street Profile :

wilfried rossignol

and for those who missed the Nokia Fise 2006 results :

nokia fise
up : Top 3 winners – street Contest : Erik Bailey, Wilfried Rossignol and Oli Short

Street Results :

  1. Erik Bailey
  2. Wilfried Rossignol
  3. Oli Short
  4. Ilia Koutchoukov
  5. Nicolas Auroux
  6. Roman Abrate
  7. Jon Julio
  8. Pierre Akrich
  9. Tom Piekarski
  10. Etienne Montet

nokia fise
up : Top 3 winners – Vert Contest

Vert Results :

  1. Taig Khris
  2. Boja Fernandez
  3. Sven Boekhorst
  4. Otto Bolano
  5. Julien Cudot
  6. Lamine Fathi
  7. Niels Koopman
  8. Tom Piekarski

Unity Mag : Fise 2006 Story

Monday, August 28th, 2006

Erik Bailey

Valo posted some images of the Fise 2006 from the Unity Mag. Featuring Erik Bailey, Jon Julio and Oli Short (photos : Adam Kola).

Check the Fise 2006 photos

Fise 2006 (Montpellier) : Victeam Edit

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Nokia Fise 2006 : Photos & Edit

Thursday, July 27th, 2006

Nokia Fise 2006 Montpellier

Rollerenligne got some nice media of the Nokia Fise 2006.

Festival International des Sports Extremes 2006

Here are some extra photo set of the Nokia Fise :

Nokia Fise 2006 Photos by David-o
Fise 2005 : David-O Photo Set | Eksyt Photo Set

Nokia Fise 2006 : Tillate Photos

Wednesday, July 19th, 2006

nokia fise 2006

Tilllate put some nice photos of the Nokia Fise 2006 (bmx, skateboard, motocross and of course rollerblading!).

Here is a little photo selection :


Fise 2006 : Photo Sets

Monday, July 17th, 2006

erik bailey
^ Erik Bailey. Photo : Nicoboozer

Nicoboozer ( posted 2 huge photos set of the Nokia Fise 2006 that took place in Montpellier (France), the 12th to 16th of July (Source).

featuring Wilfried Rossignol, Jon Julio, Oli Short, Erik Bailey, Momo Sylla and more !

Watch the NokiaFise 2006 Photo Sets :

Qualifications Pro : Photo Set
Finale Photos

Wilfried Rossignol
^ Wilfried Rossignol (OMG). Photo : Nicoboozer

Contests for the Summer 2006

Friday, July 7th, 2006

Rollfest and the polish RFCC Championships :

Rollfest and the polish RFCC Championships

Rollfest and the polish RFCC Championships : check the flyer here. Check some infos about the International Blader Camp in Balaton (Hungary), which will feature an international Street Contest.

Valo Tour Stop – Rampworx :

Valo Tour Stop - Rampworx

As you all know Rampworx is usually shut on Mondays. It gives us all a chance to clean up and prepare for another week in the life of Rampworx.

This, however, does not apply to Monday 31st July 2006 when Jon Julio, Erik Bailey, Oli Short, Cossi Tasone, Leon Humphries and Alex Jones will be ripping down the closed sign and tearing up Rampworx!

The Valo Tour Stop will be here between 6pm and 10pm. Entry is £6. (source)

Check the Valo Tour Stop – Rampworx Flyer

nokia fise

Also don’t miss the Nokia Fise in Montpellier (France) 12-16th of July and the Bulle Contest (Switzerland) : 11, 12, 13th of August.

A lot more contests are listed in the european contests section of the forum !

Nokia Fise 2006 : Street Area & Live Music

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

nokia fise

Nokia Fise, the famous french Contest (Montpellier) will take place from the 12th to 16th of July 2006.

Check some details about the street area & the music groups that will perform live there : (more…)

Nokia Fise 2006

Sunday, April 9th, 2006

Nokia Fise

10 ans de NOKIA FISE !
Nokia Fise, du 12 au 16 Juillet 2006

En 1997, les X Games voient tout juste le jour aux USA, les sports extrêmes sont de plus en plus médiatisés mais la France reste ” pauvre ” en événementiel sportif spécialisé dans ces sports. C’est alors que Hervé André Benoit lance l’aventure : le FISE !

Au fil des éditions l’événement s’entoure de média, riders et surtout sponsors qui sont l’un des moteurs du développement des sports tels que roller, skate, bmx, mais aussi wakeboard, moto, snowboard…Merci donc à tous les partenaires, privés ou publics, pour le soutien apporté au NOKIA FISE Montpellier qui est aujourd’hui l’événement ” X Over ” numéro un en Europe.

Voila et n’oubliez pas que le Fise n’a jamais laisse de cote le roller !

NOKIA FISE 10th Birthday !
Nokia Fise, from the 12th to 16th of July 2006

Nokia Fise, the famous french Contest (Montpellier) will take place from the 12th to 16th of July 2006. You can watch the roller park below. There is a new contest : mini with spine, check some Photos and a Video. A Photo Gallery from 2005 is availiable here.

Nokia Fise
^ Plan du park roller pour 2006 | plus d’infos ici.

Nokia Fise
^ 2005 Photo Gallery

Tous les details sur la competition Roller du Fise 2006 sont disponibles ici. Vous pouvez vous procurer le Dvd / Mag Nokia Fise 2005 A prix reduit ici. Une nouvelle discipline est arrivee pour la mouture 2006 : Mini Rampe a Spine ! Plus de details ici, une video est disponible ici

Nokia Fise, Site Officiel :