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Hedonskate Tee by Robert Lievanos

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

Fade Hurricane (Robert Lievanos) designed a tee for Hedonskate.

Hedonskate Tee by Robert Lievanos

About Robert C. Lievanos

Robert C Lievanos grew up in the action sports industry as a pro skater in the 90’s. His love for creating and skating was formed at a early age.

After college, Robert worked as an editor and motion graphic artist. He soon realized that this was not the direction for him. In 2007, he started up his own studio, Fade Hurricane Design and has been working for himself ever since.

Robert’s travels, experiences, hard work and dedication molded him into the versatile designer he is today.

New JUG apparel designed by Fadehurricane

Wednesday, June 2nd, 2010

New JUG apparel designed by Fadehurricane (Robert Lievanos).

jug clothing

Robert Lievanos (Fade Hurricane): Artwork & Website

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

Robert Lievanos (Fade Hurricane): Artwork

Check for some Artwork by Robert Lievanos

Artworks created for Able, Jug, Franco Shade, M1, WRS, Heat, BCSD, Eulogy, BHC and more (Garments, Logotypes, Products).

Robert Lievanos (Fade Hurricane): Artwork

Robert Lievanos (Fade Hurricane), Artwork: Jug
Via Wakeup.

Tee Designs by Robert Lievanos

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

usd tee designs

USD, Denial, Jug and more Tee designs by Robert Lievanos. Link

Not sure if those designs will be published, since those are only photoshops, but some look really nice!

Thanks Ryan Loewy!

denial tee designs

heat tee designs

Fade Hurricane Tees

Friday, June 1st, 2007

Robert Lievanos (Fade Hurricane) produced some tees that you can purchase for 20$ here. I deeply feel the Iron Maiden inspiration ^^

Fade Hurricane : Rolling Artwork

Monday, August 14th, 2006

fade hurricane

You surely already know Robert Lievanos (Hurricane) the pro skater. Besides that Robert is a pretty good designer ! He did a lot of awesome logos and designs that most of you wear on their clothes without even knowing who created them.

Robert Lievanos Designs

Robert Lievanos is a designer for Denial, Eulogy, Fiction, Esco Zoo, Jug, Usd, Genre, M1, 2nd Regime and more.

Here is a sneakpeak at Robert Lievanos artwork :

Logos Identity :

denial logos
up : Denial Logos

usd logos
up : USD Logos

jug logos
up : Jug Logos

> More Logos identity by Robert Lievanos

Print :

up : Gonzo, Daily Bread Ad

the power to believe
up : Eulogy, the power to believe, Ad

the power to believe
up : Eulogy, the power to believe, Ad

the power to believe
up : Genre, featuring Murda, Daily Bread ad

> More Print Designs by Robert Lievanos

Product Design :

jug skins
up : Jug Skins

jug skins
up : Usd designs ideas

jug backpack
up : Jug Backpack

> More product designs by Robert Lievanos
> Robert Lievanos Artwork, main page.