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Two Mornings With Eric Montealegre

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Two early morning days with Eric Montealegre as he switched skates again to Valos.

Skating at Delaware and Westerville skateparks.

Eric Montealegre

Check the Video in HD Streaming.
Thanks Jcraig740.

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Eric Montealegre: Sicker Than Average

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Eric Montealegre

Here is Eric Montealegre’s new street video. It took a lot longer than planned because it can be hard planning around Ohio’s weather, but we found some good days to skate and film and got some good clips.

Skating is all around central Ohio, Columbus, Westerville, Delaware, and Athens. Of course he has many different skates in the video because he changes them every day, but got the new Razor GLDs from Bakerized Skateshop, which you should support. Eric is also wearing Illminded Streetwear, which you should check out.

Check the Video in HD Streaming.
Thanks Anthony Gardner / AGinc.