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Rolling with the Dipset

Saturday, October 28th, 2006

jim jones

Dipskate is starting to make some noise :

quoting Air Farce from Don’t Believe the Hypebeast :

Dipset maybe the greatest movement ever in the history of hip-hop, or any genre of music, for that matter. They are so awe inspiring that numerous brands in the “scene” did collabo tees on their behalf.

From Supreme to that stupid Cam&Jimmy&Juelz tee, … their movement has been sanctioned by streetwear and it was only a matter of time before Dipset, (mighty mighty Dipset) would take their place amongst the De La Souls of the scene.

Understanding their place in the market, Dipset chose to incubate themselves further with the culture by creating the Dipset Rollerblading Team. We hear Nike is already planning a division called Nike RB to replace their non-profitable SB branch.

For your enjoyment, Don’t Believe the Hypebeast is proud to present the Dipset Rollerblading Team Video. Link

Here are some reactions about the post on Dont Believe The DBTHB site. Link


About Dipset :

Ramelle Knight : Diplomats, IBI, Dipset Video

Friday, July 28th, 2006

b.unique diplomats

ByrdGang OFFicial Diplomats Skate team Bunique Productions Riders Ramelle Knight Calvin Sayles “You Know we Fly high” Roll With the movement Shout To my IBI’s “Keep ya HEAD up N stay low on ya Tricks” Bang Bang Dipset Dip Skate