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Diove Konnection: Sticker Contest Results

Monday, July 21st, 2008

diove konnection
up: Entry by Redmisfit.

Here are the results for the Diove Konnection: Sticker Contest. First place get a 4×4 Wheels set & his sticker printed (& pasted) all over the world, second place get a GC Featherlite Frame.

Congratulations to all the artists who entered the comp ; all the entries are availiable here.


  1. Redmisfit
  2. .Fx
  3. D_stab_em_son
  4. Blah2

diove konnection
up: Entry by .FX.

diove konnection
up: Entry by D_stab_em_son.

diove konnection
up: Entry by Blah2.

Diove Konnection, Sticker Contest

Thursday, June 26th, 2008

diove konnection sticker
up: entry by .Fx

The Diove Konnection Sticker Contest is still running! Here are some entries for the pleasure of your eyes.

diove konnection sticker
up: entry by Redmisfit.

diove konnection sticker
up: entry by Edboi.

Diove Konnection Tour 2008: Edit

Tuesday, June 3rd, 2008

diove konnection

The Diove Tour was consisted of travelled a part of the France with good place to skate and good place to sleep. Obviously the skating was good and I did my best to show you that on this montage, I’ve selected nicest and best footages from the tour.

The tour started from Paris the 13th of April 2008 with a session in Bercy organized by diove, then we drove along the road to Lille.

People use to stop along the motorway to take a piss but with a team of skaters when you see a drop ledge in front of your face you need to skate it and kill it the spot after you pissed.

Then we continued the road under the rain and thought that the north will be raining as people use to say, but we arrived in Dunkerque and were surprising about what the sun can do for you when you really want to skate. So we’ve been to a really nice place with a tons of things to do, everything was killed by the different skaters and we finished our day with a big smile when the rain appears at the evening!

After a really nice welcomes by the Adrien’s mom with a big plate of bolognaise pasta and a really good bed for sleeping we was ready to go in Lille.

When you see for the first time the outside skatepark of Lille the only thing you wanna do is running around this nice concrete place to make your best lines tricks. The Team did it so next place.

We threw the free road to Rouen because it was too expensive to take the motorway, so after long hours of driving we were definitely enjoy to find two perfect rails in order to move your feet a little bit, as it used to be the rail was killed and we picked-up the van to go in my city, Caen.

It was the evening but people were still motivated to skate so we decided to go again in a place with two perfect rails. A lot tricks were done by the team and my local friends from there. It was sketchier to sleep in my flat because we had a lack of bed and Adrien and Le Milot was finally decided to go in the hospital for 2 arms broken. So after this night we picked-up Adrien at the hospital, during this time the team saw a very dangerous drop rail, Xavier did his perfect trick first try so we were able to go in Le Mans.

It was raining during 2 days so we’ve skated a nice indoor skatepark then we found a very strange place at Tour with some local skater for an incredible car session and DIY spots, you can’t imagine how it’s funny to find a place like that…

Then it was time to go for the best street contest of this year the “Bling Bling Contest”. We were welcome by one of my friends Mr Sushi20 in a house we can called a “Chateau de la Loire”. The day of the contest a lot of tricks were done everywhere, I’ve chosen to only few tricks but most of them are so nice.

After one week of tour it was time for me to go home, the tour was still there during few days. The rest of the team did so many hammer tricks in Nantes and Le Mans so make sure you will see that in the Adrien Anne DVD’s who is called “Sans Pretention”. So keep an eye on it !

Text and Video by Hugo Renard.

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Paris Bercy: Battle de Boudins

Wednesday, May 14th, 2008

Paris Bercy: Battle de Boudins.
Thanks Streettours.