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How to be Unpopular – Angie Walton (Daily Bread)

Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Mushroom Blading started to re-upload some of their old classic podcasts on Youtube. Here is the #86 featuring Angie Walton. The podcast was recorded in 2012 (Mp3 download).

Angie Walton: Mushroom Blading Podcast

Angie Walton talks publicly for the first time since the demise of Daily Bread about starting the magazine and the events leading to its end.


Daily Bread: Dead Sequences

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Animations of sequence photos from the Daily Bread Mag (rip).

daily bread

Video Offline.

Rachard Johnson: Daily Bread Issue 6 (2002) Interview.

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

rachard johnson

Rachard Johnson: Daily Bread Vol.10 issue 6 (Aug 02) Interview:
Download: rachard_profile_dbmag2.pdf. Via Conference.

rachard johnson

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Rachard Johnson: Daily Bread (2001) interview

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

rachard johnson

Rachard Johnson: Daily Bread Magazine Vol.9 Issue 1 (Jan 2001).

Download: rachard_profile_dbmag1.pdf.
Via Conference.

Rachard Johnson was 18 years old at the time of this interview!

Daily Bread V13N10 PDF Now Online

Saturday, June 10th, 2006

Brian Shima

Take a quick trip back in time to revisit our latest interview with Shima, Lucky 7 with Nick Wood, Jeremy Beightol’s Boombox interview with Glenn Danzig, Company Profile with Razor Skates, and a look at the 2005 Eisenberg’s Hoedown. You may have read this issue before, but you haven’t seen it like this…

Download the Daily Bread V13N10 PDF

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Daily Bread V13N10 Cover and details of the Mag
Daily Bread V13N10 Artwork

Daily Bread Mag V14N1 : Issue now online (pdf)

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

Daily Bread feels strongly about (properly) representing rollerblading to the masses, which is why we are proud to announce our latest and greatest site feature, the DB MAG VIEWABLE PDFs (download the newest version of adobe reader to view them).

Starting with V14N1 (Colin Kelso), we will start uploading recent back-issues with regularity so that ALL dedicated bladers and blade-life hangers-on can experience THE BEST IN BLADING. So sit back, take another look and experience the newest way to enjoy your DB mag.

Download the Daily Bread Mag V14N1 PDF
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Daily Bread Write Up on

Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Daily Bread Magazine
quoting Daily Bread Magazine :

We recently found this through a random Google search and thought everyone would appreciate reading a review of the magazine by an non-blader.

Friday, December 23

Street rollerblading is a culture even more than a sporting activity, according to Daily Bread Inline Skate Magazine, today’s newbie in the catalogue. It’s not an activity/culture that I know anything about, so I have to rely on Daily Bread, which has been around since 1993, for a take on what’s happening.

While we in the New York area have been seeing rollerblading on the six o’clock news as a novel way to commute in the absence of subways and buses, the major use of rollerblades by the young men who are subjects and fans of the magazine seems to be descending rather steep outdoor stairways via their railings, with serious physical penalties to be paid for leaving those railings too early.

From the articles in the November 2005 issue titled “The Anger Issue” it’s obvious that rollerblading, at least in terms of media coverage, has been in serious decline in recent years.

There’s an illuminating interview on the subject with Mark Shays, founder and president of an organization called ASA Events (its original name was the Aggressive Skaters Association). He recalls how ASA was founded in 1994 to promote rollerblading, aided financially by the makers of skates and ancillary equipment. Through the rest of the decade it created all sorts of rollerblading events and bargained successfully with the likes of ESPN to get them on television.

But by 2001 ASA saw the handwriting on the wall and diversified to skateboarding and BMX racing, for which the cable sports networks still have a voracious appetite. Though Shays continues to work to include inline rollerblading stunts in his organization’s shows, he admits it hurts: “It is impossible to calculate just how many dollars have been lost due to our insistence on keeping rollerblading involved.” Shays blames the media’s loss of interest in rollerblading on factors such as resentment from skateboarders to inline skating’s meteoric but brief rise and, perhaps more tellingly, “many of the top [rollerblading] guys who used to go to the first multi-sport events acted like immature kids and the other sports’ top pros began to stereotype all skaters as punks who never had to pay their dues.”

The issue also has a somewhat bitter interview with rollerblading pro Eric Schrijn, who at 25 is considered one of the grand old men of the sport (he’s the guy pictured on the cover). Asked what he wants out of skating, he replies: “I guess I already got it; I’m an icon in this sport, I’m healthy, I’ve got some good homeboys, but I would like to actually be a part of this movement with mainstream TV and magazines That’s what I want from skating, for this shit to get respect and blow up, so we can get paid respectably. I make $600.00 a month from skatingit sucksit feels like we are starving artists. Daily Bread, published in San Diego, features lots of pictures of guys caught in the act of going down those frightening stairways all over the country.

The magazine also uses extremely small type, so rollerblading, like carrots, must be good for the eyesight. Daily Bread is a wee bit defensive about the diminishing popularity of the rollerblading lifestyle and culture. From editor Justin Eisinger’s opening editorial: “People everywhere fail to see the value of rollerbladers, at least here in America; which is the most f**ked up part of all If you quit skating because someone told you it wasn’t cool, f**k you. If you quit skating because you got a girlfriend, or went to school, or got a job or blah, blah, blahF**K YOU.” After all, it is the Anger Issue. Surprisingly, the ** are theirs, not ours.

An annual subscription (12 issues) to Daily Bread Inline Skate Magazine is $21.95 from the publishers, and they’ll throw in a “get blades” shirt; you can get a sample copy from us for $2.59 (no shirt). –, December 2005
Daily Bread Magazine :

Daily Bread V14n2 – Too Young To Die, March 2006

Friday, March 24th, 2006

Daily Bread mag

Southern California punk act Agent Orange provided the inspiration for this issue and you can feel the fuel coursing through our viens.

But enough about us, let’s talk about you, our saviors, our readers, the dedicated rollers that make our world tick; you’ve been patient and you will be rewarded.

Get prepared for intense insight into the metal mind of Carlos Pianowski, a view into new realms of blading with the unique thuggery of Sean Cullen, clean powerful photos from German sensation Daniel Prell by the one and only Matt Mickey, Lucky 7 with Pat Lennen, The Bronx Boombox, Feet DVD Review and even a peek into Brian Bowen-Smith’s celebrity photography career. There’s more but why spoil the surprise. Cop your issue and remind yourself again why you love to blade.

Daily Bread’s got teeth, ya heard?

Daily Bread V14N1 (No Apologies)

Wednesday, February 1st, 2006

daily bread magazine

V14N1 – No Apologies (Welcome to 2006)

Hello everyone, and welcome to your future. It might seem like nothing much has changed, but with the coming of the New Year comes fresh ambition and new opportunities…and here at DB we are ready to take advantage of it all.

For our first installment of 2006, we bring you the refined style of master-blader Colin Kelso from the comfort of his hometown, the sharp lines and hair of the Vicious Team as they explore the Southwest, a politically charged year in review Section 8, Boombox with Norwegian super-power Turbonegro, Lucky 7 from Skater of the Year Chris Haffey and much more.

You know we take our fun and blading seriously, and we are committed to proving it more this year than ever before, so sit back and enjoy reading your new Daily Bread Magazine. We do this all for you.

Daily Bread 83 – Artwork

Thursday, December 15th, 2005

brian shima and more - daily bread artwork

Some Photos Montage from the Daily Bread Mag #83
You can check the cover of the issue 83 here

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