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Curriculum Vitae: Full Video

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Curriculum Vitae (teaser) is the latest blade movie by Therolling. Story is about their crew and what’s done for Latvian freestyle rollerblading scene since they gathered together and started in 2005.

In a non-traditional way movie describes all crew members and shows a bit of their personalities in a different way. Grab your popcorn, turn up your speakers and enjoy next half hour!

Curriculum Vitae: Full Video, Nils Jansons

Featuring Therolling crew: Agris Caurs, Janis Zalitis, Kaspars Alksnis, Martins Jansons, Almants Zedzveckis, Toms Krasovskis, Reinis Petersons, Raimonds Prusis, Toms Slukins, Edgars Rozentals & Nils Jansons (24:47).

Directed by Janis Zalitis & Kaspars Alksnis. Edited by Janis Zalitis, Agris Caurs, Martins Jansons, Reinis Petersons & Kaspars Alksnis. The amazing voice: Ansis Pavasaris. Texts by Janis Zalitis & Kaspars Alksnis. Graphics & Animation: Janis Zalitis & Agris Caurs. Filmed by Martins Jansons, Chaz Sands, Simon Mulvaney, Armands Virbulis, Arturs Kalnins, Konsta Makarovs, Edgars Krasnovs and all the rest from therolling crew.



Curriculum Vitae: Teaser

Monday, January 7th, 2013

Featuring Nils Jansons & Friends.

Curriculum Vitae: Teaser

Therolling proudly presents long time coming movie Curriculum Vitae. A sneak peek of never ending story about our lives on four wheels!

“We are not that crew your mom warned you about, her imagination was never this good…” Premiere on 11th January at LSGB 2012 in cinema “Splendid Palace”. Movie will be available online Jan 20th.