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Controlled Accidents: RB at the Montreal Classic 09

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009


Robert Guerrero & David Sizemore Mtl Classic Edit

David and I rented a car and drove from Vermont to the MTL Classic. This was the funnest contest I have been to in a LONG time.

David and I had a blast the day of the contest, and the night before. These are some of the clips from both of those sessions.

Check the video in HD Streaming.
Thanks Robert Guerrero.

Controlled Accidents Num. 7

Monday, October 27th, 2008

robert guerrero
Large version of the picture.

Rob G. blades in the South Bronx with the locals.

Filmed and edited by Hector Tato Gonzalez.

Check more videos, photos and stories on the Controlled Accidents Num. 7 post by Robert Guerrero.

Controlled Accidents Num. 6 in Puerto Rico

Friday, September 12th, 2008

Rob Guerrero visits Puerto Rico to eat tostones, play in waterfalls, and shred with the locals seen in this edit.

Filmed by Hector “Tato” Gonzalez, Freddy, and Abel Castro. Music is “Hotel California,” sung by a group of high spirited individuals inspired by babul.

More here and here, featuring a report & nice pictures!
Thanks Rob.

Puerto Rico Trip Update Part 2, Box Jam Edit:

Robert Guerrero: Controlled Accidents Num. 5

Thursday, August 14th, 2008

Rob G., Joel Hager, and maintenance John form a triangle and go on a weekend trip including lunch at the “Amazing Grace Bakery” in Duluth Minnesota, watching the new Batman movie “Dark Knight,” and finishing the day off with a blade sesh at the Superior Skatepark in Superior Wisconson.

Superior skatepark Song is “Ketto” by Bonobo. Lake Owen baur box session song is “Organ Donor” by DJ Shadow.

Thanks Tom Hyser.

Controlled Accidents Num. 4

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Controlled Accidents Num. 4, Rollerblade Solo Testing, Mizu Blading.

Rob Guerrero tests out the new Rollerblade Solo Skates due to come out January 09′.

Music By Amp Live off of the Album entitled “Rainydayz Remixes.” Song is called “Reckonerz (ft. Charli2na)”

More infos by Rob Guerrero.
Thanks Controlled Accidents.

Controlled Accidents Num. 3

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Rob Guerrero decides last minute to film a section in 15 minutes with Matt Murphy at Walnut Creek Skate Park.

This is what happened in that 15 minutes before the park lights turned off. Filmed and Edited by Matt Murphy

Full Story. Thanks Controlled Accident.

Controlled Accidents Num. 2 / Tour with TheM Goods

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

rob guerrero

up: Rob Guerrero talks about what goes through his mind while grinding. Filmed by Jeromy Morris on his Cannon Elph.

More Photos & Story here.
Thanks Boris G.

rob guerrero
up: Rollerblade Ad in One Magazine.

Controlled Accidents Num. One by Rob Guerrero

Friday, March 28th, 2008

up: Rob Guerrero. Photo: Jeromy Morris.

Edited by Rob Guerrero. Filmed by Adam Johnson, Jeromy Morris, and Michael Garlinghouse.

Song is by Bonobo “Walk In The Sky” off of the album “Days To Come.”

Here is the first edition of the Controlled Accidents monthly series. Every month an edit will go up and its contents will depend upon my location and environment. This particular edit was inspired by Lawrence Kansas and Kansas City Missouri. I have been here for the past month pretty much just blading and being influenced by a positive crowd.

Lots of nights spent at the Lawrence skatepark shredding around with my ipod an maybe 3 or so skateboarders. I prefer skating at night to day. My theory for the enjoyment of night skating is that for the most part all the lighting if focused only on the park. This may help in reducing distractions, and sharpening focus on obstacles at hand. Maybe there is something to be said about the quality of energy in the day as opposed to the night and how those differences influence you.

For this edit Footage was contributed by Michael Garlinghouse, Adam Johnson, and Jeromy Morris. I think one of the clips that was used in his video “The Birdz and the Beez.” Other clips he provided of Jeromy Morris and Jero I don’t believe were used. All of Brandon’s clips were used in “Zombie Comatose,” by Adam Johnson.The intro was made randomly during a Stay with Jeromy Morris. He had a peep hole from a door (no idea why) and thought it would be a good idea to use it as a fisheye. He was right, and I ended up using it. It was also filmed on a cannon “elph” handheld digital still cameras, which I thought was suprisingly good.

Waking up to fruit smoothies in the morning is a beautiful thing. Thank you Quinn! Another beautiful thing is Jeromy’s Daughter Opal. She is the prettiest little sponge always soaking everything around her in. Shes got her fathers crazy eyes and a crazy gaze to match.

Thats all for now..if I think of more I’ll put in…input.