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2014 Colorado RoaD-TRAP by Dan Armbruster

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

2014 CO RoaD-TRAP by Dan Armbruster

Colorado is my home, and the Colorado Road-Trip is undeniably the best weekend of my year.

For the 2014 Trip I got smoked off the bat (at the first park). So I stuck with my original plan to capture as much of the action and good times as possible.

So enjoy some oldies but goodies and watch all of my favorite people do what they do best! Can’t believe it’s been a year… ENJOY and I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend! – Dan Armbruster.

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Colorado Road Trip 2014: Edit by Carter Leblanc

Friday, August 29th, 2014

Colorado Road Trip 2014: Edit by Carter Leblanc

Where is the Wood? Skating from the Colorado Road Trip 2014. Main Camera & Editor: Carter LeBlanc. Additional Filmers: Geoff Phillip, Mykel Fatali & Greg Freeman.

Colorado Road Trip 2014: Edit by David Dodge

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

The South Goes West. CORT, 16th Edition.
Edit by David Dodge (
Music: Pelt – Sunflower River Blues (get the song on

A plane ride to denver, 1500 miles in packed out car with 7 rad humans, touring 6 skateparks in the beautiful Colorado, coupled with 120 other amazing humans, open skies and some the most impressive nature you’ll see made the 16th annual Colorado Road Trip incredible to say the least.

Featuring Thomas Martin, Cody Porche, Mark Catelloti, Joey Adams, Smiley, Tucker Freeland, Ian Copp, David Dodge, Blake Taylor, Mikal Fatali, Dudely McJumpsBro, Rory Melehan, Collin Martin, Sweet SenateTee, Ian Offroader, Chemi Simiyu, Jeremy Spira, Garrett Slobey, Dustin Spengler, Scott Olsen, Dom, Carter LeBlanc, Cody Lampman & Mach Acid.

Colorado Road Trip 2014: Scumpire Edit by Ian WVTRS

Saturday, August 23rd, 2014

Yeah so i got there late, still got a piece. Enjoy the little footage i acquired while racing to catch the end of the CORT 2014. – Ian WVTRS.


Rollerblade Team: Colorado Road Trip (2014)

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

Edited by Hector Gonzalez Rivera, AKA Tato.

Rollerblade: Colorado Road Trip (2014)

The Colorado Road Trip 2014 with Team Rollerblade: Robert Guerrero, Cody Porche, Sean Keane, Cody Sanders and Ariel Surun. A journey to some of the best skateparks in Colorado: Cedaredge, Montrose, Gunnison and Buena Vista.