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Colorado Road Trip (2007) by Sayer Danforth

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

So every August, rollerbladers from around the country meet in Denver Colorado for a weekend of skating, camping and swimming affectionatly known as the COLORADO ROAD TRIP.

This is the 9th annual road trip and my 4th year documenting the deal. I realized that I had this footage sitting on my computer and I thought it was about time this stuff hit the net. So take a look and enjoy.

Skaters this year (not all) Ryan, Collins and Garrett Schude (the terrible threesome) Sayer Danforth, Adam Bender, Jeff Stockwell, Carl Sturgess, Vinny Minton, Rollen, Austin Paz, Victor Araias, Tory Treeseder, Brandon Smith, Charles Barkley, David Lee Roth, Jesse, Marcus, Billy Kostka and more.

Filmed with the Sanyo Xacti waterproof camera. Music: The Ramones – Sunny Day Real Estate.