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Grinding in Papa Jim’s Church

Monday, March 16th, 2009

When there is a man Like Papa Jim in a town of 50 people things happen. There has been: juggling, sling shot shooting, cross dressing and now rollerblading. All in the small establishment that is the Lochiel community church.

The trick was not that difficult, about as easy a grind as possible. I was scared though. There was a very small run up, and people were in falling distance. Things could of gone badly. Puppa Jim trusted me though and Rev Shane even managed to fit the act into his sermon.

In a talk on wisdom it was established that foolish behaviour is some times the wise thing to partake in. Jesus did a foolish thing to die but it was the wise thing to do. As is rollerblading in church. Definitely the wise thing to do. […]

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Thanks Sam.

Skaterham Skatepark – The UK’s only Park in a chapel

Thursday, May 25th, 2006

Skaterham Skatepark - The UK's only Park in a chapel

Skaterham is part of the CR3 Community Youth Project, providing a range of services, including the skatepark, DJ booth, youth services, organised activities and trips for young and old alike.

The skatepark is open to BMX, Inline and skateboarders.

We are located in a converted chapel off the Coulsdon Road, Caterham, opposite the large Tesco.


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Skatepark in a Church
Skatepark in a Church : Video Reportage

Skatepark in a Church : Video Reportage

Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

Skatepark in a Church

Do you remember the Skatepark in a Church News ? JD Caron did a reportage (in french) on the Skatepark, it seems that Rollerbladers only represent 2 percent of the public going there :/

Vous vous souvenez surement de la news sur le Skatepark dans une Eglise ? JD Caron a realise un reportage (en francais) sur le Skatepark, il semble que les Bladers ne representent que 2% des visiteurs :/

Skatepark in a Church

Saturday, March 11th, 2006

Skatepark in a Church

No, you’re not dreaming (check the cross on the photo above) : what you see is really a skatepark in a Church ! This Skatepark is located in Quebec and really reminds me those Quake 3 levels where you were playing in a Cathedral.

It seems that the Church were not used anymore (?) and then the city decided to put a skatepark in it !! Thanks Jim for the Video.

Check a Video Edit done in this Skatepark

Discussion en francais : Skatepark dans une eglise!