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Rejects Mag 5 (Featuring 21 days with Chris Haffey)

Wednesday, June 8th, 2011

rejects mag

More Rejects Mag Media.

Nitro Circus Live Feat Chris Haffey (Bmx + Blades)

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

nitro circus live

On Saturday, June 4, Travis Pastrana and the Nitro Circus Live crew turned in a spectacular show at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas.

Again it was time for a bunch of ‘world first stunts’ including a very special ‘first’ by Travis Pastrana himself. Check out some of the best action and stay tuned for a more detailed report about the event. Link

nitro circus live


Chris Haffey talks Nitro Circus, One Mag Interview

Monday, May 30th, 2011

chris haffey
up: Chris Haffey – Mute 360 (Gosford, AU) ; launcher top view.

Nitro Circus comes to North America next weekend, right? What’s going on? When does the tour start?

The actual tour isn’t ’til next year, but we are doing a one-off show in Vegas next weekend, so tomorrow I am heading to a spot in California where they have the ramp set up so we can catch some practice/learn some new stuff before that show.

It sounds like the Las Vegas stop is supposed to be pretty special. What’s the story?

Yeah, Vegas is going to go off! Since it is a single show no one really has to be worried about being healthy for a show the next night, so I think a lot of people are planning some special tricks for this one. Every show is already insane, so I can’t even imagine how crazy this one is going to be. On top of that, they are bringing in some special guests for this one, so it should be the best show to date. […]

(Blade Life): Chris Haffey talks Nitro Circus, Full Interview.
Interview by Just Blade ; Photos:

Kia X-Games Asia 2011: Haffey powers his way to gold

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

Kia X-Games Asia 2011

Chris Haffey powered his way to victory to win the last 2011 X Games gold medal in the Aggressive In-Line Street Finals in Shanghai.

It was a clash of styles during the contest, with sharp contrasts between Jeff Stockwell’s languid movement, Brian Aragon’s balletic and graceful manner, and Haffey’s quick-paced and powerful style coming up tops at the Jiangwan Stadium.

Stockwell set the tone early in the first run of the finals, with the bespectacled and somewhat bookish looking skater finishing off a picture perfect series of tricks that culminated in him doing a 360 spin on the transition pipe.

Haffey was not slow to respond though, pulling off several reverse 360s, and in the second run his decision to go with a 540, followed by a 360 top sole, top-side Mistral, Tyre-Spin, and finish off with a Blackside proved to be the right choice, as the judges tipped their hats to him for completing such a hard combination with the gold medal.

The American looked exhausted, but satisfied as he stepped off the podium.

“This really exceeded my expectations”, Haffey admitted, ” as everyone in the field was just so good.”

The skater felt that he had been lucky to be in the first heat, compared to rival Aragon, who had barely a few minutes after exerting himself in the second heat before returning to the finals for another punishing set of runs.

“I was really a lot fresher than Aragon, because I was in the first heat”, he explained.

“That really made a difference, as he was a lot more winded than I was.”

Haffey also admitted that the support from the fans upclose was critical to him finding a second wind in the finals.

“The crowd here is just fantastic! The fans just give that extra burst of energy, and that really matters”, he said.

But it wasn’t just the American who was pumped up by the thousands at the Jiangwan Stadium.

Asia’s representative on the podium, Soichiro Kanashima, was equally enthused by how much noise the Shanghai crowd could produce.

The Japanese is an X Games veteran, having participated in over ten editions of the competition, snapping up two bronzes, one silver and three golds, and Kanashima felt that China was still the best location for the competition.

“I like it best in China, said the skater. It’s good here, and the fans give me power”, he said.

If skaters like Kanashima and Haffey continue to give fans at the Jiangwan Stadium this much fun and excitement next year, expect an even more electrifying X Games in 2012!

Another $8,000 and a trophy. Balling. Article:

ESPN posted some videos of Takeshi Yasutoko, Rich Parker, Yusuke Aihara (Top 3, AIL Vert Final, commented by Azikiwee Anderson).

Recess: Chris Haffey & Reed Huston

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

chris haffey reed huston

A few weeks ago, pro rollerblader Chris Haffey came out to visit Woodward U student Reed Huston for a night session at Woodward West’s largest indoor park “The Hangar”.

Chris and Reed wanted to film their session together so they could post it up for a web edit. With that being said, Woodward U presents its first installment in the video series entitled “Recess.”

Keep an eye out for more Woodward U students shredding with some of your favorite pros!

Chris Haffey Signature 2.1 by Remz

Monday, November 22nd, 2010

Chris Haffey Signature 2.1 by Remz

Meet the latest Remz weapon, a classy and stylish update of the acclaimed 2.0, the New Chris Haffey Signature 2.1

Along with conceiving the low-cut skin design pioneered on the 2.0 and matching his own “V-cut + strap” setup, Chris Haffey personally put a multitude of samples through the test to meet his high technical expectations.

The new 2.1 is updated with new skin materials and stronger eyelets, combines a modern yet classic color scheme reminiscent of the 2000 Remedyz (when Chris first started rocking Remz), and includes all the advanced features that made the 2.0 a top-seller such as the redesigned rear lacing system, the precise neoprene liner with softer shock-absorber, strong hockey laces giving the skate a distinctive and athletic look, and the new concept of High Resilience (HR) construction providing optimum control & foot support.

“It sucks your foot in there and keeps it right where it needs to be so you’re in complete control at all times” says Chris about the Remz HR concept that he helped develop.

As a reflection of Chris Haffey who recently took the title of World Champion (with the 2.1 on his feet), his New 2.1 signature model is a winner and might well make you a better skater!

Chris Haffey Signature 2.1 by Remz


– New Classy and Stylish low-cut design by Chris Haffey
– New HR ‘High Resilience’ skin concept
– New high-end ergonomic Remz liner built to Chris’s specifications
– Chris Haffey original freedom-of-feet setup w/ Rear lacing system
– Reinforced ankle strap (w/ plastic buckles included in the box)
– GC FTL2 frames
– 57mm/90a Chris Haffey 4×4 wheels
– ABEC 5 bearings

Chris Haffey: Double Flatspin (Nitro Circus Live)

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

chris haffey

Chris Haffey shredding the giganta ramp in practice at Sydney Acer arena.

More Nitro Circus, Blading Media.

Chris Haffey: Nitro Circus Interview

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

chris haffey

During May and June this year, Australian audiences were lucky enough to be the first in the world to witness the biggest travelling stunt show this generation’s ever seen, Nitro Circus Live.

Playing in 10,000+ capacity venues in capital cities around the country over several weeks with sell-out shows and extra performances added at most stops, the tour was a massive success and is set to hit the USA and Europe later this year.

Featuring big motocross ramps, and a megaramp with a padded rubber landing, and a phenomenal line-up of freestyle motocross riders, BMXers, 2 skateboarders, a guy doing flips on his pogo stick, a dude on a scooter, a dude in a wheelchair, and none other than Chris Haffey as the sole inline skater in the tour, Nitro Circus showcased THE biggest stunts in the world of action sports, performed on a nightly basis.

Double front-flips on a BMX and the world’s first quadruple tailwhip, double backflips and body varials on motorcross, backflips on a skateboard, attempted DOUBLE backflip on a wheelchair over the megaramp, and a double flatspin 900 by Mr Haffey, were amongst the incredible tricks that went down.

Chris was nice enough to do a little Q&A on his Nitro experience in Australia. Text and interview by Chris Pullar.

Check the Chris Haffey: Nitro Circus Interview on Emesce.

nitro circus


Brian Aragon, Chris Haffey: Iphoneblading SDSF Edit

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Brian Aragon is back home for a day or two before flying out to Philly tomorrow.

Chris Haffey is on the same type of schedule. Both dudes find time to skate for leisure and luckily I always have my iPhone to capture these types of sessions.

This is Brian Aragon and Chris Haffey just having a friendly session at SDSF, but they weren’t so friendly to the center ledge…

Brian Aragon, Chris Haffey


Jug Haffey LT Shoe: Picture + Commercial Spot

Monday, June 28th, 2010

Video Filmed and Edited by Brazilionaire.

chris haffey

jug haffey

Chris Haffey’s second Jug pro shoe is made of the finest materials money can buy: Genuine Nubuck leather on the upper, soft pig skin on the inside, high rebound PU material for the insole and a wear resistant rubber for the outsole is setting the bar for sneakers a few notches higher.

The Haffey LT features waxed laces with metal tips, a second pair of black laces in the box and an image of Chris’s tattoo on the insole.

Sizes: 7-13, plus size 10.5.

jug haffey

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