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Capital Clash (2011): TrashMixMedia Edit

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

capital clash

Previously: Capital Clash (2011): Edit by Jordan Grant.

Capital Clash (2011): Edit by Jordan Grant

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

capital clash

On 8th May, London witnessed some skate madness in the form of the Capital Clash skate comp @ Bay66 Skatepark, Ladbroke Grove.

Everyone smashed it on the day but the 5 who made it through to the final, Dano Gorman, Nick Lomax, Joey Egan, Andy Spary & Alex Burston totally annihilated the street course.

The edit may seem a little excessive but it was too nostalgic for me having been outta the game for at least 7yrs now! Apologies for the lack of angles, a load were lost & some of the clip stutters too! Timecode issues is all I’ll say.

Hopefully catch up with you all again soon. -Jordan Grant.

Pro Results

  1. Joey Egan
  2. Nick Lomax

Best Trick: Blake Bird & Mike Salt.
Thanks Illcastration.