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Boston Street Battle 2015: Edits & Results

Wednesday, November 18th, 2015

Boston Street Battle 2015: Edits & Results

Finals by Young JuiceVisit

Thuro Edit


  1. Dave Hartnett
  2. Andy Leitermann
  3. Kyle Couture

Widest Mizo: Joey Lerner | Best Trick: Dave Hartnett | Most Creative: Matt Silcox | First Ever: Andy Leitermann | $ Turn: Brandon Ford | Grind Up: Dave Hartnett | 35+ OG: Earl Courchesne.

Boston Street Battle 2011: Justin Diaz Edit

Sunday, November 13th, 2011

Filmed by Manny Wilkerson & Justin Diaz.

Boston Street Battle 2011

Previously: Julos Edit, Bonus Clips + Results.

Boston Street Battle 2011: Julos Edit + Bonus Clips

Friday, November 11th, 2011

And don’t miss the 540 AO-soul + 360 Soul at 4’00


  1. Keegan Smith
  2. Brandon Ford
  3. Dave Hartnett
  4. Kyle Couture
  5. Dylan Hopp

Boston Street Battle 2009: Edits

Friday, November 20th, 2009

Boston Street Battle

up: Results + Credits:

Spot 1:
1st: Blake O’Brien
2nd: Marc Clune/Keegan Smith
3rd: Jeff Dalnas

Spot 2:
1st: Marc Clune
2nd: Jeff Dalnas
3rd: Kyle Couture

Spot 3:
1st: Blake O’Brien
2nd: Keegan Smith
3rd: Kyle Couture

Best Trick: Blake O’Brien

Filmed / edited by Justin Diaz.

Scribe Industries rollerblade team visits Boston last minute for some random footage and to compete in the Boston Street Battle 2009 hosted by Gabe Holm.

Skaters included: Blake O’Brien, Marc Clune, Brian Bruno, Dan Fabiano & Jon O’Donnell

Music By: Eyedea & Abilities and The Hood Internet

Filmed and Chopped by: Dan Fabiano

Order of Footage:
– Boston Aquarium Ledges
– Rye Airfield Skate Park
– Boston Street Battle Spot 2
– Boston Street Battle Spot 3

Congratulations to Blake O’Brien & Marc Clune of Scribe for placing 1st and 2nd in the Boston Street Battle 09′

Boston Street Battle 2007

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Boston Street Battle 2007
Shot and Edited by Justin Girard & Alex Hogan. Via Runandexplode.

2007 BSB Results:

  1. Taylor Green (Sudbury, MA)
  2. “Whitey” Matt Culver (Glens Falls, NY)
  3. Mike Dempsey (Cheshire, CT)
  4. Eli Davis (Manchester, CT)
  5. Benny Strout (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
  6. Kyle Couture (Rollinsford, NH)
  7. Tom Ferrante (Everett, MA)
  8. Andy Lieterman (Arlington, MA)
  9. Brandon Ford (Boston, MA)
  10. tie – Casey Gerrighty (Milford, CT)/ Adrian Morales (Waterbury, CT)
  11. Harry Doyle (Baltimore, MD)
  12. Craig Nogler (Woonsocket, RI)

Boston Street Battle 2007 : Photos, Report, Results

Friday, July 6th, 2007

up : Photo by runandexplode / Eli Davis, true spin kindgrind – photo: Phan

Results :

1st – Taylor Greene (Sudbury, MA)
2nd – Whitey Matt Culver (Glens Falls, NY)
3rd – Mike Dempsey (Cheshire, CT)
4th – Eli Davis (Manchester, CT)
5th – Benny Strout (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
6th – Kyle Couture (Rollinsford, NH)
7th – Tom Ferrante (Everett, MA)
8th – Andy Lieterman (Arlington, MA)
9th – Brandon Ford (Boston, MA)
10th – tie – Casey Gerrighty (Milford, CT)/ Adrian Morales (Waterbury, CT)
11th – Harry Doyle (Baltimore, MD)
12th – Craig Nogler (Woonsocket, RI)