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Blanks Wheels, round 2

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

blank wheels

Here are the new Blanks Wheels – round 2 – in pure white and grey. These are only for sale in Malaysia – RM40.

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Blank Wheels from Malaysia

Tuesday, December 13th, 2005

blank wheels

The wheels beneath our feet are by far the most important parts of our skates. Sadly, in Malaysia, these bits of rubber cost a bomb! A good 4-pack set of Mindgames can easily set you back a whopping RM100. And with the Malaysian heat, badly tarred roads and freestyle frames, wheels rarely see past their 3rd month.

Well, the answer is at hand. Blanks, an in-house brand of ‘no-frills’ wheels co-developed by Rupert Rage/Cool Element and Wheel Love are here to the rescue of poor Malaysian rollerbladers! Priced at RM30 for pack of 4, these 55mm / 88a wheels will keep you rolling with minimal cost to your wallet.

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