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One: Blade Comedy Jam 2008, Edit

Thursday, March 27th, 2008

Blade Comedy Jam

The latest Blade Comedy Jam went down this past weekend in NorCal.

The Valo team was on hand, in addition to the regular legion of local rollers.

John Stevenson and his Laughing International cohorts did more than host the event, they made this exclusive edit for the ONE site.

See how the event really went down, busts and all, in this edit hosted by the one and only “Tommy Boy.”

Download: Via One.

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Blade Comedy Jam 2008: Report, Results & Edit

Wednesday, March 26th, 2008

Blade Comedy Jam 2008

Blade Comedy Jam contest 2008. Photos and story by Juicy H.

Like the title states, the year is 2008, and the contest is in Northern California. Blade Comedy Jam’s are usually filled with nothing but the opposite, which is rollerblading and that should be never be taken as a joke.

I mean some of the tricks are funny, but this is serious business but “Tommy Boy” AKA “Tommy Boy” seems to think that it is some sort of monkey business. Let me start out by giving you a little history behind the “el bladeo comedyo jamo.” Starting about 2 years ago Mr.Boy started throwing street contests in San Fransisco and various surrounding towns that had little in common with organization, which in rollerblading… isn’t all that bad.

At the very least all the homeys got together and skated major numbers deep at some high profile street spots. As the day went on the contest would usually dwindle at about spot #3. A Product toss would usually ensue, which would inevitably cause a frenzy amongst the kids and like a ninja using his smoke screen (You know when they throw the smoke bomb on the ground and it goes “POOooooFFFF!”) Tommy Boy could barely be seen in the background ducking into is H2 stretch limo (one time it was a helicopter) and scooting away with yet another contest under his belt…. Well this time it was different, very different indeed. Instead of being an illegal unorganized street contest, it was an illegal unorganized skate park contest… and this was bold…so bold that the inevitable was INEVITABLE!!!!!!! […]



1st. Brandon Smith
2nd. Erik Bailey
3rd. Adam Robert

Valo: Blade Comedy Jam Highlights:
Blade Comedy Jam Highlights with Erik Bailey, Alex Broskow, Victor Arias, Sean Keane and Jeff Stockwell.

Via Themgoods.