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Billy O’Neill – HIT by a car (Full Video)

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

billy oneil

Matty Watky sent me a link to the full video he published of Billy O’neil hit by a car. The first video was posted on February 14th.

Video Offline.

Billy Fish O’neill hit by a car

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

On the Conference Sleepless Tour. Via Conference.
Thanks Elrollio (dedicated forum’s topic).

Thanks Oli Benet for the mail.

To clear up the Billy situation.

I was checking around and people seem pissed about how we put this clip online.

Basically if you think about it, we wouldnt publish it if it was serious, if you were here with us it would all make more sense.

We have it all on film, all the ensuing action too. Billy is OK.

He has 2 twisted ankles, so he cant walk, but he is fine. We were all laughing about it, he wanted to put that clip online, we spent all evening with the police and the hospital, everyone looked after him, we are a great supportive crew here at my house and to be honest we were all sitting around watching it and talking about how lucky he was.

He is in great humour and we werent using it as an advertisement, or promoting a DVD, we just wanted to share what happened with everyone, because it was a miracle escape.

Im really sorry people are offended by it, i understand it though as we ourselves still see it and cringe, and at that moment we all wanted to die

Billy is sitting here by my side watching Jay and Silent Bob strike back and is laughing away.


Billy Oneil