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Benni Petry (Germany): Spring 2016, Park Clips

Thursday, June 23rd, 2016

Filmed & edited by Jo Zenk.

Benni Petry (Germany): Spring 2016, Park Clips

Benni Petry (Germany): Mnstr Blade Clips by Jo Zenk

Thursday, April 21st, 2016

Benni Petry (Germany): Mnstr Blade Clips by Jo Zenk

Benni Petry everyone! This man is a beast. One hour of blading while the rest of the boys was searching for a plank to shred a nearby streetspot. He was killing it in the meantime.Jo Zenk.

Benni Petry (Germany): Grindhouse File (2014)

Saturday, October 25th, 2014

Since Grindhouse is developing into a more structured direction a few changes have been made within the team.

2014 brought a few new faces to the table. We got a new team management, a new tour, lots of ideas and motivation and also some fresh up and comers for the team.

Benni Petry (Germany): Grindhouse File (2014)

As for Benni Petry who is way longer within the game as you could still call him an up and comer he kind of popped out of nowhere anyways cause his first ever street file got released this year within the MNSTR Blade series.

Benni Petry is a powerful blader both street and park. He is killing competitions, as long as he is entering them and he’s never producing leftovers while blading the streets.

His humble attitude and none to film were probably the only reason you could possibly not hear about this guy. Now that is about to change, cause since taking a major role within the MNSTR Blade crew and new sponsor Grindhouse, he’s going to put things straight.

As for this File, We just used the material that was filmed until now. as I told you, no leftovers.Jo Zenk.

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Mnstr Blade (Germany): Benni Petry + Outro

Monday, June 2nd, 2014

Mnstr Blade (Munster, Germany)

Filmed from spring to fall 2013 entirely in Munster, Germany. Mnstr Blade includes full sections of Jo Zenk, Patrick Smith & introduces Benni Petry. With miniviews of Jurij Pelaev, Alex Klober & Eugen Enin.

More Mnstr Blade Media.
Intro, Mixed Clips + Eugen Enin, Jo Zenk, Jurij Pelaev + Alex Klober, Patrick Smith (2013).