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Woodward West (March 2011) by Aarin Gates

Saturday, March 12th, 2011

Featuring Alex Miranda, Victor Galicia, Kenny Sotelo, Crissy Grasseli, Becci Wallace, Aarin Gates.

crissy grasseli

Becci Wallace – Photos and Video

Friday, April 21st, 2006

Becci Speck
^ Becci Wallace – Gap to 270 bs backslide budget bs unity at the Winterclash, Germany

I’ve been skating for the past 5 years and now spend about 6 months a year in england and about 6 in u.s. just got back from another sick 3 months skating and snowboarding in cali, rochester n.y, detroit and canada! it was amazing, but now im back here and it sucks bigtime with the cold wet weather and the lack of spots or parks here now!

Should be working at both woodwards again this summer as its soo fun,! so maybe i’ll see you around! BIG THANKS TO ANYONE WHOS EVER LET ME STAY AT THEIR PLACE…thats quite a few of you im sure! LOVE YOU ALL!

Winterclash germany owned was sooo much fun, didnt expect to make finals, but thanks for everyone i met there who made it cooler! see you again someday!

Another Photo and Video of Becci Wallace :