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LocoSkates Beach Jam 2016 | Promo

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2016

LocoSkates Beach Jam 2016 | Promo

BeachJam is back for 2016 and will take place at Southsea skatepark on Sunday 21st August.

BeachJam is a chance for everyone to come and session one of the UK’s most historic skateparks on a summer day. Come and hang out with friends and watch some of the UK best bladers.

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LocoSkates Beach Jam 2013: Quick Hits by Tom Sharman

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

The LocoSkates BeachJam, 25th August 2013, Gravesend, UK. Tom Sharman gives us a quick rundown of how it went down.

Pro Results

  1. Nick Lomax
  2. Elliot Stevens
  3. Dan Collins


  1. James Bower
  2. Patrick Egan
  3. Ben Woodcock


  1. Cei Evans
  2. Thiago Duarte
  3. Alessio Perucci

Photography: Ryan Goold.

Beach Jam 2012: Official Edit by Jordan Maders

Thursday, September 6th, 2012

Beach Jam 2012

Previously: Beach Jam, Edit by Ryan Gillett & Sim Warren (w/ results).

The Beach Jam: Edit by Ryan Gillett & Sim Warren

Wednesday, August 29th, 2012

The Beach Jam

Cidy Life, Edit by Ryan Gillett

Locoskates put on a fine skate jam with a smashing roller disco the other day… It was most excellent. Report on

Beach Jam Moments by Sim Warren
Music: Sun Glitter – Softly and Slowly.

Here are a collection of moments from the Loco Skates event in Southsea, Beach Jam 2012.

I thought I’d focus on the aspects of the day which to me makes these events so special. The people.


U16 Street
1- Thiago Silva
2- Jordan Osbourne
3- Dan Redstone

Amateur Street
1- Jack Swindles
2- Perran Marks Thomas
3- Harry Abel

Pro Street
1- Nick Lomax
2- Joe Atkinson
3- Jack Swindels

Locoskates Beach Jam 2011: Jordan Maders Edit

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

locoskates beau jam 2011

The LocoSkates Beach Jam 2011 took place today (July 2011). We ran the Open Contest, New Blood contest (15 and under) and half of the pro contest before rain stopped play. We managed 2 of the 3 heats in the pro contest with big flips from Danny Aldridge and consistent lines from Jamie Stenner and Jenna Downing.

As soon as the rain showed up the back up plan swung into action as we took the grind boxes into an abandoned secret indoor location in Eastbourne. We started the pro contest again from scratch at the new location with heats on the porta grind boxes and the final occurred organically on the MENTAL drop-rail with slippery landing, broken glass and metal stairs.

Dan Hemsley was to thank for getting the rail session going and tried committed half cab topsouls over and over again like a true hero.

Mike Salt and Woodsy also stepped up to the rail but in the end it came down to LocoSkates riders Elliot Stevens and Dan Collins battling head to head.

Elliot did lines including FAST Topside Acid and backside Savannah but Dan Collins came through with the back backslide followed by the 100% LACED first go Full Cab Truespin Mizou which was an immediate winner (pictured).

We also awarded a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for the skaters who skated in the UNFINISHED skatepark pro finals earlier in the day along with split prize Money.

Here’s the day’s results, congratulations everyone:

MAIN PRO CONTEST: (Guerilla warehouse Jam): 1st Dan Collins (£150), 2nd Elliot Stevens (£100) 3rd (prize money was split between the other skaters that sessioned the rail).

UNFINISHED PARK CONTEST RESULTS: 1st Danny Aldridge (£100), 2nd Jamie Stenner (£75), 3rd Jenna Downing (£50).

OPEN / AMATEUR SKATEPARK CONTEST: 1st Perrin Marks-Thomas (Remz skates + product prizes), 2nd Sam Crofts (product prizes), 3rd Aaron Turner (product prizes).

NEW BLOOD U16 contest: JOINT 1st Adam Brown and Khan Omar, 3rd Patrick Barklem.