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Mind the gap 2015 by Bart Visser

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Mind the gap 2015 by Bart Visser

In may 2015 the Mind the Gap crew went to Switzerland twice. The crew did demos at the Move City events in Zurich and Bern together with local skaters, BMXers and scooter riders. Check out this nice video made by Bart Visser.


2012 European Championships (Halfpipe): Copenhagen (Denmark), Edit by Bart Visser

Monday, September 17th, 2012

Includes Footage of the SRSC Copenhagen 2012, Street Finals.

2012 European Championships (Halfpipe): Copenhagen (Denmark), Edit by Bart Visser

August 10-13. Filmed by Bart Visser & Daan Hammerstein.

Song: The Roots – The Fire. Thanks Yusuke Aihara.

Results (Full Results).

  1. Rich Parker (Uk)
  2. Cesar Andrade (Brazil)
  3. Yusuke Aihara (Japan)

Winterclash 2012 by Bart visser

Saturday, March 10th, 2012

Winterclash 2012

Song: Gorillaz – Melancholy Hill.

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2012 Winner: Julien Cudot (full results).
2011 Winner: Dominik Wagner (full results).
2010 Winner: Julien Cudot (full results).
2009 Winner: Brian Aragon (full results).
2008 Winner: Erik Bailey (full results).
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2006 Winner: Brian Aragon (full results).
2005 Winner: Matthias Ogger (full results).

Bart Visser: Profile Teaser

Tuesday, January 20th, 2009

Bart and me have been filming some streetskating. We started with some shots late 2007. We tried to pick it up again in 2008. This is a little teaser before I finish the real thing.

With this we just wanted to show you what Bart has been killing in between his army deployments in Afghanistan. So yeah he will be outta here for a while. I’m sure we will hear a lot of wining about how he cann’t skate in the freaking dessert and stuff.

But we all know it’s for the best. He will be there defend the things and the people he loves back home! He helps innocent civilians in a poor developed country. In hope they will be able to do all the amazing things that we can do here too. And I’m proud to call that our friend.

I hope to wrap it all up just before he leaves. We will miss him a lot for sure and hope for a safe return!